How to Create/Manage Groups In Google Classroom

Make an exclusive group in Google Classroom in just several easy steps. And for every group you created, Google Classroom also allows you to manage each group by following this tutorial. how-to-create-manage-groups-in-google-classroom-01

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How to Create/Manage Groups In Google Classroom

  • Step 1: Sign In With Your Account


    To access your Google Classroom account, sign in using your verified and authenticated G Suite or personal Google account. If you have no existing account on Google, visit their website through your browser to create a new account. For those who are provided with the school administrator’s log-in account, make sure that the details are correct and updated.

  • Step 2: Make Your Documents In Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides


    Before assigning any homework, you need to prepare the files for your students beforehand. Make your own files in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides first and save them to your Google Drive to locate them easily. Always remember to add the group number or name on the files so that you can assign them correctly.

  • Step 3: Create Assignment


    When you are ready to assign the homework, go to the Classwork tab of your Google Classroom and click Create. Choose Assignment and enter your assignment details in the pop-up box. Click the Google Drive link below the instruction box to upload your file. When your file is ready, select the name of the students under the group number you are assigning the homework to.

  • Step 4: Save it as a Draft

    Do not post the assignment if you want to assign everything all at the same time. Save it as a draft and repeat step 3 to create another assignment for another group. If you do not want to type everything manually in entering your details, you can reuse posts instead. Do not forget to upload the appropriate file for other students.

  • Step 5: Edit Project Name Before Posting


    Before posting the assignments, make sure that you have modified the title so that it won’t bring confusion to the students. To do so, locate the draft assignments on the Classwork tab first. Besides the name of the assignment, there are three dots where you can see the Edit option. Click Edit to change the name of the project or assignment.

Can I edit assignments on mobile?

Yes, you can edit assignments using your mobile gadgets and tablets. In fact, you can even create your assignments as long as Google Classroom is compatible with your gadget’s OS.

If I uploaded the wrong file, should I take down the assignment to create a new one?

You really don’t have to take down the assignment to create a new one. All you have to do is edit the assignment and save it. The new changes will immediately appear.

Can a co-teacher assign group assignments?

Unless the main teacher has given them permission, then technically no, they are not allowed to do so.