How to Put an Outline on Text in Google Slides

An outline can make your text more presentable and readable, especially your presentation title. So if you’re considering adding outlines to your text, be guided by the easy steps we’ve listed here. how-to-put-an-outline-on-text-in-google-slides-01

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How to Put an Outline on Text in Google Slides

  • Step 1: Start a Blank Presentation on Google Slides

    You can instantly open Google Slides using your web browser. You can use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. On the address bar, just type That’ll lead you to the Google Slides home page where you can create a new Google Slides presentation from scratch or with Google Slides Templates.

  • Step 2: Encode Your Text Using Word Art

    Only text written with Word Art can be added with an outline in Google Slides. That said, encode your text using Word Art. Go to Insert on the toolbar and click Word Art; be guided by the image above. Once you click Word Art, a box will appear on your screen where you’ll have to encode your text. Press Enter on your keyboard and your word-art text will show up on your slide inside text boxes.

  • Step 3: Fill Text with Color

    Fill your text with color so that it stands out and looks eye-catching. The process is similar to filling a shape in Google Slides. In this step, you’ll start using the borders and shading tools. Click the Fill Color icon, the one shaped like a diamond. A drop-down menu consisting of different types of colors will appear on your screen. Choose the color that you think will enhance your text’s aesthetic quality. In the picture above, you can see that we chose light cyan 1 as the color of our sample text.

  • Step 4: Increase Border Weight

    At first glance, it looks like your text doesn’t have an outline. However, it actually has an outline. You just can’t see it since your text’s border weight is low. That said, you need to increase the border weight. Refer to the image above to find the Border Weight icon. Click on it and a drop-down menu will appear showing a list of border weight options. Once you’ve chosen a thicker border weight, you can see your text outline more clearly.
    The default border weight is 1px, which is very thin. As you can see in the image above, we chose 8px which looks just right. We don’t recommend 12px, 16px, and 24px since they’re too thick and will overlap your text’s shading.

  • Step 5: Change Outline Color

    This step is entirely optional but can improve your text’s appearance. To change the color of your outline, click the Border Color icon, the one that looks like a pen with a colored line underneath. See the image above to be guided. A drop-down menu will appear offering diverse color options. Simply click the color of your choice. You can choose to have a black outline, a red outline, or a bright outline.

Can I wrap text and add drawings in Google Slides?

Yes, you can wrap text and add drawings in Google Slides. But in terms of adding drawings, you can only draw straight lines and attach ready-made shapes. You can’t add freehand drawings.

Can I add shadow effects to texts in Google Slides?

Yes, you can add shadow effects to texts in Google Slides. Just highlight the text, open the Format Options menu, and click Drop Shadow.

Can I add borders in Google Slides?

Yes, you can add borders in Google Slides by inserting a shape such as a rectangle and a rounded rectangle. Just make the shape transparent so it won’t overlap the content of the text box.