How to View Page Breaks in Google Sheets

When printing out your spreadsheet, you’ll need to know where it ends and begins. Read on to find out how to do that by applying page breaks in Google Sheets. how-to-view-page-breaks-in-google-sheets

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How to View Page Breaks in Google Sheets

  • Step 1: Select File in the Menu


    There are times you need to print out a spreadsheet and based on the paper you’ll use, not every part might make it. With a page break you can figure out what you can fit to page and keep it organized. To view a page break on a Google Sheet, first you need to move your cursor to the menu. There click on the word that says ‘File’.

  • Step 2: Click Print


    On the drop down options click on the word ‘Print’ located at the bottom of the drop down. This will cause a window to appear.

  • Step 3: Click Set Custom Page Breaks


    On this window, click on the word ‘Set Custom Page Breaks’ near the bottom left of the screen. It is in all-caps and blue in color.

  • Step 4: Click and Drag Dotted Blue Lines


    The window will show you the spreadsheet divided by blue dotted lines. You can click and drag them to edit custom page breaks and even reset page breaks. Not only that but you can also view user added page breaks.

  • Step 5: Click Confirm Breaks


    Once you click Confirm Breaks, this can set the page breaks on your spreadsheet allowing you to specify what will be printed or not. Whatever you are working on, be it an itinerary or a quote, you can now insert and remove page breaks giving your spreadsheet a format.

What is a page break in Google Sheets?

A page break refers to the boundary of the spreadsheet similar to how there’s a clear end to the pages on a Google Docs page.

What is the purpose of a page break in Google Sheets?

The purpose of a page break let’s users decide how much of the spreadsheet will be included once they print it out.

Why are there no visible page breaks in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets’ main display shows a near-endless amount of cells, which is why there are no visible page breaks.