How to Change the Background on Google Drawings

Don’t stick to blank or default backgrounds when designing anything in Google Drawings. So be guided with this short tutorial on how to change the background on Google Drawings successfully. how-to-change-the-background-on-google-drawings-01

How to Change the Background on Google Drawings

  • Step 1: How to Resize the Canvas


    Changing the background-size in Google Drawings helps achieve a perfect layout for the drawing. To get started, hover your mouse on the File button. Then, press the page set-up. You can see an option where you can choose your preferred background size. Aside from that, you can easily locate the right lower part of the canvas. Then, click the upside triangle then drag it to your desired size.

  • Step 2: How to Change the Color of the Background


    Use Google Drawings and start changing your background color to match your purpose. To make it happen, you can start by pressing the right-click of your mouse. Then, select the Background from the options provided. It will redirect you to another option of colors. So, you can choose Solid, Gradient, or Custom.

  • Step 3: How to Make a Transparent Background

    You can start by right-clicking the canvas again to remove the background instantly. Then, select the Background, and choose the Transparent button found on the lower part of the color palette.

  • Step 4: How to Add Guides in the Background


    To add guides in your background, you can begin by hovering your mouse over the View button on the toolbar. Then, scroll down from the options and select the Guides. You can choose your preferred guides, such as the Vertical Guide or Horizontal Guide, or use the Edit Guide for customization. In any case, you don’t want to see it in your guide; you can click the Clear Guide.

Is it possible to import an image and use it as a background?

Yes, it is possible as long as it suits your purpose.

Can I also customize how I would view my background?

Yes, you can. Just click the View button and select zoom. There is a preferred size on how you would like to view your background.

Is it possible to customize the Gradient?

Yes, it is. You can customize it using Linear or Radial type and choose your preferred angle.