How to Block Your Google Calendar

Block other people from viewing your plans and schedules in Google Calendar by keeping your account private, turning off the public sharing feature, and manually selecting the only people who can view it. And every step you need to do is discussed in this short how-to article. how-to-block-your-google-calendar

How to Block Your Google Calendar

  • Step 1: Set New Events to Private in Your Google Calendar Account


    Open your Google Calendar main page on your web browser, then click on the desired date in the calendar field to open the setup box (you can also double-click the date to open a full setup page). Apply the necessary settings to your event before going to the Visibility section and selecting the Private option.

  • Step 2: Manually Select Individual Users to Share Your Google Calendar

    Locate the target calendar under the “My calendars” list or “Other Calendars” list in the side panel (expand a list by clicking on its name label). Hover your mouse cursor over the calendar and click on the three dots to the right, then select the “Settings and Sharing” in the dropdown menu. On the Settings page, use the “Share with Specific People” section to add the users you want to share the calendar.

  • Step 3: Turn Off Public Calendar Sharing in Your Google Calendar Account


    Go to your Google calendar main page and expand the “My Calendars” list in the left panel by clicking on its label. Hover your cursor over the desired calendar’s name, click on the three dots to the right, then select “Settings and Sharing.” Under the “Access Permissions for Events” section, uncheck the “Make Available to Public” option.

Will events be hidden if I hide the corresponding calendar in Google Calendar?

Yes, hiding a calendar hides all events under it automatically.

Can I set which calendar details others can see in Google Calendar?

Yes, you can hide or unhide specific details other users can see about an event.

What calendar permissions can I grant other users in Google Calendar?

You can let other users see someone’s free or busy status, see all event details, make event changes, and manage sharing options.