How to Make an Image Fade in Google Slides

Faded images can make a presentation’s aesthetic look unique and a tad classy. So if you want those kinds of images in Google Slides, just follow this guide and you can get started in no time. how-to-make-an-image-fade-in-google-slides

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How to Make an Image Fade in Google Slides

  • Step 1: Open a Presentation with an Image or Start a Blank One


    Visit to launch Google Slides on your favorite browser. When you’re in, open any of your saved presentations with images. If you don’t have a saved file, click Blank to start a new one.

  • Step 2: Add an Image First



    If opened a new blank presentation, insert an image into your Google Slides. Go to Insert on the menu bar. Under Insert, go to Image and select any of the image inserting options you see fit. For example, if your image is downloaded in your PC folders, select the “Upload from computer” option.

  • Step 3: Click Image and Go to Format Options


    After adding, resizing, and repositioning the image in your slide, you can start the process of fading it. To begin, click on the image; in doing so, blue lines will appear on its edges. After that, go to Format Options which you can find on the toolbar. Click Format Options to access its panel and make it appear on the right side of your screen.

  • Step 4: Open Adjustments Settings and Move the Transparency Slider


    On the Format Options panel, head to the Adjustments settings to adjust transparency in Google Slides. Click it to access the sliders under it which includes the Transparency slider. After that, click and drag the Transparency slider slowly to the right to make the image fade. This process will adjust the image transparency and essentially makes an image transparent in Google Slides. Your image will look like a faded background. Moreover, you can apply further customizations with the Brightness and Contrast sliders which are also under the Adjustments settings.

Can I add transparent clipart in Google Slides?

Yes, adding transparent clipart is also possible in Google Slides. You can simply follow the process of fading an image or increasing image transparency. Click the clipart, open the Format Options panel, head on to Adjustments settings, and move the Transparency slider all the way or partially to the right.

Can I apply a drop shadow effect on my images in Google Slides?

Yes, Google Slides allows users to apply drop shadow effects on their images. To apply a drop shadow effect, click the image, go to Format Options, and click the Drop Shadow option. After clicking it, the box beside it will have a checkmark. You can access more customization options by clicking the arrow beside Drop Shadow. You can also change the shadow effect’s color, angle, distance, transparency, and blur radius.

Does Google Slides have reflection effects for images?

Yes, you can apply reflection effects to your images in Google Slides. Here’s how to do it: click the image, open the Format Options panel, and select Reflection which you can find at the bottom. For further customizations to the effect, click the arrow beside Reflection. The Transparency, Distance, and Size sliders will appear. Make adjustments to them as you see fit.

What image formats can I upload in Google Slides?

You can upload JPEG, PNG, and GIF images on Google Slides.