How to Use Mask Tool in Google Drawings

Mask Tool can be a valuable tool for you to create impressive illustrations. It would help if you learned how to use it in your Google Drawings for efficient and effective use. how-to-use-mask-tool-in-google-drawings

How to Use Mask Tool in Google Drawings

Step 1: How to Place an Image on the Canvas


To use Google Drawings and placing an image on the canvas, you can hover your mouse on the File button and then click. Afterward, you can scroll down the options and select “Open.” Once selected, it will lead you to a box where you can choose a saved image from your Google Drive. After selecting the image, it will immediately be placed on the virtual canvas in your Google Drawings.

Step 2: How to Add an Image in Google Drawings


If you want to add an image to your Google Drawings for your presentation, you need to follow this step. Start by hovering your mouse on the Insert button, then select it. Then, you need to choose the word Image. Another set of options will appear where you can select the type of method you will be using. You can either have the image uploaded from a computer, search the web, Google drive, photos, by URL, or by a camera.

Step 3: How to Crop the Image in the Google Drawings

To crop an image in the Google Drawings, you can start by clicking the image itself. Then, hover your mouse on the Crop button found on the toolbar and click. You can now adjust the size and crop the photo depending on your desire.

Step 4: How to Trim the Image with a Particular Shape


To image mask tool, you can start by clicking the image. Then, locate the Mask Tool button beside the Crop button. Then, choose from the options provided to change the shape. Once executed, your Image will be trimmed to the desired shape.

Can I also edit the image’s border once I’m done using the mask tool in Google Drawings?

Yes, you can customize the border size and thickness of your image.

Is it possible to crop the image again even if I’m done using the mask tool?

Yes, it is possible. You can crop the mask image again directly.

Can I insert a link to the mask image in the Google Drawings?

Yes, select the Link button found on the toolbar.