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Owning a real estate business is just an amazing feeling. Not only is real estate an undying business in many countries but is made eternal by using websites for realty solutions. Lately, what’s worrying about owners is the inability to connect to customers through email template. We provide you with a resolution! Some of the best real estate email templates from all over the web. Before that, however, we will tell you the 5 steps to create an effective real estate email for yourself, so read on.

5 Steps to Write Real Estate Email

Step 1: Prepare Drafts Versions

Instead of sending out the same, boring and generic emails to all your subscribers, have a few drafts for general queries and responses for the buyers & sellers. If you repeatedly send the same mail to the subscriber, often than most, it will end up among the trash mail. 

Step 2: Create an Email Contacts List

The oldest known philosophy of email marketing is to reach to your target audience which in this case would be the buyers and sellers. Creating an email contact list will help you send emails regarding listings and newsletters to exactly the people who would need your services. 

Step 3: Use Creative Email Formats

Draft beautiful, vibrant and creative emails for your real estate business using free software available online (MailChimp, etc.) but do not spam your contact list by continuously emailing them. Send emails regarding regular newsletters, home improvement tips, and even new listings to reach out to the potential customers.

Step 4: Finding Suitable Email Provider

Using the services of a suitable email provider is the meats and potatoes of sending emails. Don’t resort to the first option that you find on the internet, but rather choose from a list of Email Service Providers (EmSerP). Prefer value for money over the cost-effectiveness when choosing.

Step 5: Grow Your Subscriber Base

There can be other more effective ways to increase your circle of subscribers. Create and maintain websites of your real estate business, as it is a powerful way to connect with a wider audience. Using facebook business pages, open houses events and promotional material can be equally potent.

10+ Real Estate Email Templates

1. Editable Realtor Email Template

editable realtor email template
File Format
  • HTML
  • PSD


If you are a realtor that wants to save time and give a professional look to your real estate emails, then download this editable email signature template that is available in a vibrant and stunning editable-PSD file format. Make the most of this creative, full bleed and high-quality template signature. There’s an undeniable sense of style and classiness with this template. Every real estate business is looking to be among the front runners by presenting through emails. Grab this real estate email template and take the first big step to reach the masses.

2. Standard Real Estate Email Newsletter Template

standard real estate email newsletter template
File Format
  • HTML
  • PSD


Sending newsletters via sample email template is a great marketing strategy that connects you to millions, but sending boring ones is a sin. As a real estate business, use this free, editable and printable newsletter that will lure your future prospects into buying or selling. Warning, amazing graphics and artwork within. The earthy colors of the template make it ideal for real estate marketing.

3. Monthly Real Estate Email Newsletter Template

monthly real estate email newsletter template
File Format
  • HTML
  • PSD


Promote your business on a regular monthly basis by keeping the buyers and sellers up to date with this free email newsletter template for real estate. Instant download, easy edit and wide compatibility make this ergonomically designed real estate newsletter email template a must-use for businesses that savvy graphics. The template is ideal for email marketing for countryside real estate. Blow your competitors’ minds away with this modern, stylish and highly customizable email real estate ad. Expect your digital media campaign to get attention with this classy email template.

4. Modern Real Estate Company Email Template

modern real estate company email template1 Download

We understand that the clock is what you’re racing and have a lot on your plate than you can eat.. Hence, try this email example template for your real estate business that makes its availability in multiple formats, fonts and layouts a unit selling point. Boost your productivity and save time. Want a sense of modernity in your real estate marketing emails? Go for this.

5. Printable Real Estate Email Template

printable real estate email template Download

A simple real estate email signature with a classic chrome-blue & white blend that will give an aesthetically pleasing look to your simple email template. Compatible with multiple devices & email service providers, this customizable and editable email signature will be the apple of your eyes with its mesmerizing outlook. The templates cover a large color range, so you will find something suitable.

6. Professional Real Estate Broker Email Template

professional real estate broker email template1 Download

Real estate is all about creating a good first impression, make sure yours is an unforgettable one with this well-designed and beautifully crafted real estate broker professional email template that comes in multiple formats and layouts. The included email signature will add to the overall appeal of every email you send. Upscale real estate emails need this kind of a template.

7. Real Estate Agent Email Template

real estate agent email template1 Download

Compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, MailChimp and Outlook, this real estate agent email signature is easy to download and easier to edit. The additional feature of suggestive content guides you throughout the drafting of the mail. Strikingly professional and well-spaced, the email template comes with a dapper appeal for all kinds of real estate email marketing projects.

8. Editable Real Estate Consultant Email Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 23 KB


If you’re a realty consultancy and are looking for a professional looking real estate consultant email signature, look no further than this free email template that comes in a variety of colors, fonts and styles. The original images and artwork make your business stand apart from the crowd that uses boring images, so download and customize and elevate the appeal of your real estate emails.

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