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Real estate invoices offer details specific to the particular industry, including information about the property sold, the sale price and the agent’s commission rate. Real estate invoices help agents get paid for their sales commissions. They also record essential accounting information. Have a look at the different real estate commission invoice templates and choose according to your needs.

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5 Steps to Make a Real Estate Commission Invoice

Step 1: Use MS Word File

Open a new file to create an invoice file in MS Word format.

Step 2: Record the Real Estate Company Information at the Starting of the Commission Invoice

The first segment to this form will act like a normal introduction to the agent submitting this document. The company name should be line labeled in which the agent works. The full name of the agent should also be submitted. Input this on the second labeled line at the top of the page. Now use the next four blank spaces for street address, city, state, and zip code to deliver the business address the agent uses when communicating by mail. The next two blank spaces must include tel and e-mail that has been saved for the agent’s business telephone number and his or her e-mail address.

Step 3: Make a Documentation of the Entity Being Billed and the Invoice Number

Position the two columns directly under the title “Real Estate Commission Invoice.” Start by filling in the name of the company being billed. Provide the name of the payer next to the label “Billing Name” then, below this, enter the legal name of the “Billing Company.” You will also need to present the applicable invoice number and invoice date to the lines labeled “Invoice No.” and “Date.” These details will be used to find this transaction so make sure to enter it correctly.

Step 4: The Figures Needed to Report On the Property and Commission Must Be Furnished

The agent will have to present some information about the transactions requiring a commission payment. Make use of the table on this page to report those details by handling the four columns it contains. The first column will solicit a definition to each property where a commission transaction was obtained. The appropriate commission rate must be recorded for each property you present and it should be done using the second column. Now include the sales price of the property being talked about in the third column. The subtotal column requires the result of a small calculation to be gratifying. Here, you must enlarge the number detailed in commission rate by that documented in the sales price.

Step 5: Present the Total Amount Owed On this Commission Invoice

The last column will guide to a few supplemental fields below the table. These are meant to be assessed into one total at the bottom. Before that, add each number given in subtotal and place this on the blank line at the end of this column. After that, you will need to provide the amount for any other fees and taxes that should be included in the Commission Payment. Add these fields – subtotal, other fees, and taxes into one total sum. Fill in the space labeled total with this result. Lastly, report who should be listed as the payee on check payment regarding this commission invoice on the blank space.

3+ Real Estate Commission Invoice Templates

1. Sample Real Estate Commission Invoice Template

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The real estate commission invoice is furnished at the time of concluding to the seller or lease giver of the property. The commission is generally calculated as a percentage of the sales price. A well-formatted sample real estate invoice template has been given here to serve your purpose. So download this editable invoice template and customize as per your requirements.

2. Real Estate Brokerage Commission Invoice Template

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The real estate agent invoice is for agents, brokers, and estate agents to finish at the time they are expected their commission, at the final of a sale of a property. The invoice must be done using the sales or lease price of that for which the deal was shut down. Take a look at the most simple format of real estate invoice template which is well furnished and ready to be printed. Get this template to make one in minutes.

3. Real Estate Commission Breakdown Invoice Template

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The given real estate invoice template allows creating custom invoices for free. Select from the invoices below and get started modifying your bills to fit your business needs. Customized invoices are the perfect accounting tool for all real estate professionals, including agents, brokers, and realtors. Download this template which has been also filled up and is given in Doc file so that you can simply edit the parts you want to or check-in invoices in Docs.

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