If you’d like something simple and sweet to send to a faraway loved one, then a pretty postcard is always a good choice. If you prefer making one from scratch, then let our 100% customizable Blank Postcard Templates help you out. Each sample is easily editable in many formats, including PSD and MAC. Go ahead and download today—design a fancy postcard for weddings, vacations, and more!

How to Make a Blank Postcard

Postcards are perfect for when you want to send someone a thoughtful and personalized letter. Ever since their rise during the 1870s, postcards have been a staple of written mail (as explained by the Smithsonian Institution, a historical resource).

Are you looking to create a fillable blank postcard to sell for business or use for yourself? If so, read our tips below for some tips on making a postcard from scratch!

1. Give Your Blank Postcard Appealing Visuals

Your blank postcard is primarily sectioned by its two sides. The front is where you add things like art, photos, or other visuals.

The aesthetics of your postcard is part of its main draw. Use image files that are high-quality and have little to no distortion. Besides good rendering, your postcard’s appearance also benefits from having a theme—like an old antique design or holiday depictions.

2. Your Blank Postcard’s Backside

The other side of your card is where the sender writes down their message and the receiver’s address. This side’s layout should be divided into two vertical halves, where one portion contains the message and the other contains the address. Also, in the address area, create a space where the sender can place their stamp.

3. Make Your Blank Postcard’s Backside Look Nice

It’s not only the postcard’s frontside that can have a visual design. On the back, add a few simple graphics on the corners or along the sides. Another option is using a picture as a background image, editing it so that it’s faded and doesn’t get in the way of the writing. Like with the front, make sure that the imagery is also thematically appropriate.

4. An Alternate Layout Design for Your Blank Postcard

If you prefer, you can also omit the address section on your postcard’s backside, reserving all that space for the message alone. If you do go with this alternative, mailing the postcard in an envelope is necessary, as the card itself won’t have space for the recipient’s address nor the stamp. Because of this, it’s advisable to create a matching envelope to sell it with or use for yourself.

And those are all our tips! Finally, if you need easy-to-use samples for your design, consider downloading our printable Blank Postcard Templates.

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