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Note Template – 212+ Free Word, Excel, PDF, PSD, EPS Format Download!

Note templates can be used in so many different ways. Whether you are a doctor, a business executive, a receptionist or a student, to mention but just a few examples, a note template can help you keep a record of factual content or highlights. The templates remain the single most valuable tools that you can use to prepare notes. This is because you can reuse the same template to create personal notes every time you want to write some notes.

36+ FREE NOTE Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Microsoft Excel (XLS), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages, Google Sheets (Spreadsheets), Apple (MAC) Numbers

Promissory Note Templates

Promissory notes are used by businesspersons, and are often an indication that a particular order has been dispatched. There are two word, excel or PDF note for every customer order. One piece of note is sent to the customer along with their order, and the other note remains with the seller. [27+ Promissory Note Templates]

Cornell Note Templates

Cornel Note templates, usually in word, PDF and excel format, often prove useful when students wants to make their schoolwork easier. A single piece of this paper is divided into two portions. Use the left column to highlight the terms that you would like to describe. Write a description for each term on the right column of the template.[51+ Cornell Notes Templates]

Note Card Templates

Get a free note card template from the internet today. Anyone, who wants to create several note cards, can use the template. Although you can use the template as is, customizing it will make it look attractive and more personalized. The template can be reused every time you want to create a new note card.[11+ Note Card Templates]

SOAP Note Templates

SOAP note template was first used in 1946 to keep case records of patients in healthcare centers. Today, you can use the four core areas of SOAP note for accurate and subjective record keeping. You can use this template to outline a problem, the steps taken to resolve the problem and the actual approaches used to solve the problem in question.[9+ Soap Note Templates]

Meeting Notes Templates

Companies and organizations often hold many meetings in a month, so the secretary must assume their of preparing the meeting notes for the company. Instead of creating the note layout from scratch every time the need for a meeting arise, a meeting note template, often in word and PDF format, can help you create a standard outline that you can use every time there is a call for meetings.[6+ Meeting Note Templates]

Thank you Note Templates

Saying thank you, even for a small favor, may look stupid sometimes. But, appreciating what other have done for you is the best way t show that you are a grateful kind of person. A thank you note template can help you compose your thank you note quickly, eventually saving you time and energy.[9+ Thank You Note Templates]

> Doctor Note Templates

A doctor note template can help you prove to your employer that you, truly, failed to appear at work for a good reason. You can download this template in word, PDF or excel format, and have your doctor sign it for you. Remember, no cheating; your boss will not appreciate pretence and false reasoning.[8+ Doctors Note Templates]

> Demand Note Templates

Demand note template is a unique business tool often used by customers. A customer who wants to order a product from a dealer or a manufacturer will write a demand note, and send it to the supplier. The supplier has to process their customers’ order, exactly, according to the terms specified in the note.[5+ Demand Note

> Thank you Note Templates

Saying thank you, even for a small favor, may look stupid sometimes. But, appreciating what other have done for you is the best way t show that you are a grateful kind of person. A thank you note template can help you compose your thank you note quickly, eventually saving you time and energy.[9+ Thank You Note Templates]

Loan Note Templates

A loan note template isn’t only for banks and lending companies. Even individuals can use them to give loans to unfortunate individuals. The content of the note must be clear; it must include the name of the person to whom you lend the money, the agreed repayment date and the interest rate to pay after an agreed period.[8+ Loan Note Templates]

Delivery Note Templates

If your business includes paid or free shipping services, you will need to write many deliver notes to your customers. Delivery note templates can help you prepare the notes quickly and within the least time possible. The delivery note includes the list of product as stated in the demand note. In addition, the price of the products is highlighted.[8+ Delivery Note Templates]

Keynote Templates

Keynote template is a unique presentation for Mac computers. Mac users can download these templates, and reuse them every time they want to make presentations. Keynote templates can be used by anyone for various projects. Example uses include product presentation, advertisement presentation, and school presentations.[20+ Keynote Templates]

> Medical Note Templates

As a doctor, patients will always ask that you give them medical notes, for personal and professional reasons. Unfortunately creating repetitive layout for the note is going to waste a lot of time. That is why you should download and use medical note template. The free word, excel of PDF template is easy to customize.[7+ Medical Note Templates]

Mortgage Note Templates

A mortgage note template can be used in many ways. For instance, you can use this tool to outline the terms and conditions of service that will govern the mortgage contract. Information to include in this kind of note revolves around payments of the mortgage. The content of the template will vary depending on the agreement between a dealer and a client.[6+ Mortgage Note Templates]

Death Note Templates

A death note template is a legal document used to record death instance of an individual. A death note must be accurate; the information included must be the truth and nothing but the truth. Make sure you mention the day the individual died, the cause of death and whether or not there were witnesses at the scene of death.[5+ Death Note Templates]

Musical Note Templates

There are many musical note templates online that you can download for free. Instead of creating a list of your own musical notes, just download the same note from the internet; this will help you save you time, labor money – in case you are hiring someone – and resources. The templates are in word, PDF and excel file formats.[9+ Musical Note Templates]

Sticky Note Templates

A sticky note template will help you add more notes or description on a word document. The addition will not affect the content of your document. And you don’t have to create a sticky note from scratch by the way. You can simply download one for free and get started with adding useful comments to your word document.[19+ Sticky Note Templates]

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