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Meeting Note Template – 28+ Free Word, PDF Format Download!

Whether you’re into a clerical job or have been appointed the President of some Board, the one thing that can never go off your agenda is making Note Templates . And to make this arduous task simpler, meeting notes template word comes in handy. And before you know it, you’re actually saving the task of “remembering it all” on your fingertips.

36+ FREE NOTE Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Microsoft Excel (XLS), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages, Google Sheets (Spreadsheets), Apple (MAC) Numbers

Post Meeting Note Free PDF Template Download | Post meeting note records the purpose of the meeting, the number of attendance, the chairman of the meeting and the issues discussed in the meeting. Post meeting note is a very useful way to keep track of the outcome of the meeting which is very relevant for the decision makers in the organization, club or association etc.

Meeting Minutes Note PDF Free Download | Minutes of a meeting are important for future reference for the purpose of taking action out of the decision taken in a meeting. It is also a source of information for its participants and a source of information for members who had not attended the meeting. Meeting minutes note keeps minutes record structurally so that the important information are not missed out.

Meeting Note Template

Meetings provide an opportunity to discuss important issues of a situation. It serves as an official record kept by organizations. In meetings, problems, or complex matters you have are expressed verbally. And, the discussions of the meeting, issues discussed, and the decisions are noted in writing in the meeting note. It is always good to have a written record of everything that you have discussed in the meeting. The people who attended the meeting, as well as the people who missed the meeting are noted in the meeting note. The timing of the meeting, the agenda of the meeting, and the objectives of the meeting are all included in the meeting note.

Meeting Notes Word Template Free Download | Meeting notes are very useful in recording all the important details in concise forms. In these types of notes the records are taken regarding number of attendance, personnel who attended the meeting, the agenda of raised in the meeting and decisions taken. These notes are preserved as the evidence of decisions taken against a vital agenda and also as a source of information for the members who were unable to attend the meeting.

Project Meeting Minutes Note Free Word Download

nyu.educ | Project meeting minutes note is a document to keep note of the major agenda regarding a project and resolution taken in the meeting. It also records the name of the members who attended the meeting and minutes of the meeting. It is used as a future reference for any action taken as per the resolution in the meeting.

Board Meeting Minutes Word Template Free Download | Board meeting minutes is a very important document that keeps records of agenda, minutes and resolution taken in the meeting. It also keeps record of undecided agendas in the meeting. This document is kept as record for future reference if any dispute arises among the board members against the decision taken or the major agendas in the meeting.

Faculty Meeting Note Free PDF Template Download | Faculty meeting note is used during a meeting among the faculty members in an educational institute, college or university. This note keeps records of attendance, major agendas in the meeting, minutes and decision taken in the meeting. The note is kept as record for future reference for any action taken depending on the decisions taken in the meeting or if any dispute arises thereof.

Meeting Note Format

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How to Take Meeting Notes?

Taking notes in a meeting is a good practice as this helps you ponder on all the important decisions and directions of the meeting. Using Meeting Sheet Templates would make it easier for you to align the meeting notes in an organized manner such that finding the relevant information becomes easier. Here is how you can take meeting notes.

  • Instead of trying to make the notes during the meeting, try to focus on the discussions and arguments.
  • Write down the notes immediately after the meeting, when all the points are still fresh in your mind.
  • When writing the notes, make sure not to be biased. Instead have an objective approach towards the whole proceeding.
  • Use an active tone and the same tense throughout the notes.
  • Review the notes to ensure there are no errors.

What does Post Meeting Note Mean?

A post meeting note is one that you make after the meeting gets over. While making these notes, you review the whole meeting in your mind and list down all the things of consequence. According to experts, post meeting notes are better than taking down notes in the meeting as this would mean that you can focus on the proceedings and actively participate in the decision making process or presentation of arguments. You can easily design the format for these notes by taking some cure from the Thank You for Interview Notes templates. Of course, you can make changes to these as per your requirement.

Why is it Important to Take Notes during a Meeting?

Using Meeting Minute Templates to design a meeting note document is one of the best ways to list the details of the proceedings. However, there are a lot of people who think that taking notes during a meeting is futile and thereby refrain from the practice. According to experts, this is actually a good practice and an important one at that. Wondering why? Take a look.

  • Taking notes during a meeting ensures that you would not forget anything important that happened during the meeting.
  • Sharing the information of the meeting with people who could not make it to the meeting becomes easier if you have the meeting notes handy.
  • By taking notes, you become more focused about achieving the results and steering the meeting to that end.
  • It has been seen that by taking notes you can actually steer the participants towards unanimous agreement over matters.
  • By taking notes, you can actually make everyone feel important, heard and trusted.

What is the Purpose of the Minutes of a Meeting?

Though a lot of people make use of the different Meeting Notes Template in order to take down the minutes of the meeting, there are still a few who do not believe in this practice. However, time and again it has been seen that the meeting minutes can actually prove useful. Let us take a look at the purpose of minutes of a meeting.

  • Helps to record the proceedings, decisions and arguments
  • Becomes a proper evidence of the various arguments and decisions during the meeting
  • Becomes handy for the absentees to understand what happened in the meeting
  • Comes in handy when planning future meeting
  • Proves useful when deciding agenda for future meetings


Whether you are using a Sample Safety Meeting Minutes Templates or any other template to take down the minutes or notes of a meeting, you should be rest assured that this would surely prove beneficial for you. Wondering what these benefits could be? Take a look.

  • Gives a clear picture of all the people who attended the meeting and the other who didn’t
  • Proves beneficial in figuring which arguments were made by which person
  • Comes in handy for future references
  • Gives the absentees a clear idea of what happened in the meeting
  • Adds a touch of efficiency to the meeting

show your company uses them to share and distribute depends on a number of tools that are provided. From cloud-based membership management systems to sharing tools, sharing a Promissory Note Templates with Action item was never this simple. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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