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When you apply for a job, you do so with your resume. A resume, or more commonly known as Curriculum Vitae (CV), is an important document which a candidature attaches with a job-application. A CV essentially contains information about a candidate’s education, career, work experience, skills and other qualifications. If an employer gets impressed by what he sees in a resume, the candidate will receive an interview call, and things movie forward from there. You can also see Free Resume Templates.

A resume is supposed to have a formal format, even the tone of vocabulary used in a resume has to be proper and courteous. One of the big challenging aspects of resume-design is with regards to its overall look and appearance. Employment standards are perennially getting revised, and according to that even the styles of resumes also see a change. You can also see Resume Template is a ready to use.

Free Surveyor CV Template

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  • Adobe In design

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Free Web Designer Fresher CV Template

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  • Adobe Photoshop

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Free Best Fashion CV Template

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  • Apple pages
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44 Modern Resume Templates for Job Seekers

Resume Bega Bundle Template

12 Creative & Print Ready Resume Bundle – $25

12 Creative Resumes BundleYou are getting as many as 12 creative & print-ready resume bundles here.  You have them mostly in chronological frame with 2 cv patterns- one where you mention about the skills on the left and the other one has got skills on the right.

Professional Resume / CV Template – $30

16 Stunning Resume Template Bundle


If you’re an aspiring or established architect, this is the resume sample which is ideal for you. The format and design of the resume same is thoroughly profile. Adequate spaces and spacing has been pre-allocated in the sample, you can easily insert the relevant information in them. This is a free downloadable template.


Creative Graphic Designer Resume / CV

Creative Designer ResumeYou are getting a very neatly laid cv format word in yellow where you have the picture of the applicant on top at the center- the left side is all about your education, experience and skills while the right side is about contact details.


Massive Web Designer Resume Template

Desigenr Resume Template

This sample resume sample would represent a web designer professional in a very qualitative way. Ample spaces have been provided in the template for candidates to insert information and other necessary specifics. You will surely be able to win an interview call with this sample!


Professional Developer Resume Template

Developer_ResumeIf you looking for a minimalist and clean curriculum viate format download, this flat resume would be nice for you. It follows a column structure with your picture, profile, personal skills, objectives & contact at left while the other aspects are at right.


Engineer Resume Template Download

Engineer Resume Template

You are getting a combined CV format here where you have major highlights on your skills, languages and interests. The left side states your experience and education in chronological order.


A4 Size Resume Template for Artist & Designer

Entrepreneur Designer Resume

Do you have a fetish for creative and artistic resumes? Well, if the answer is yes, then don’t wait and go ahead and download this creatively-designed resume sample to represent you for the upcoming interview. It is a fully customizable and editable template, packed with all the good required for a resume of such kind to work!


Professional Art Director Resume Template

Fancy Art Director Resume

This fully layered creative resume is for those who are backed by good work experience as it starts with your job experience followed by education and awards. The right side is about skills, languages known & contact details.


Resume / CV Template for Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer Resume

Make a solid first impression on employers and recruiters by choosing this resume template as your resume design. If you’re associated or looking for a career in fashion, this template has all the required elements to ensure that your application does not go unread!


Professional Graphic Designer Resume Template

Graphic Designer Resume

This particular CV sample has a smart horizontal layout. Moreover, the sample also has ample space to accommodate a snapshot of yours at the very top of the resume. The overall look and format of the resume sample is simple yet professional. This is a free, downloadable sample.

Editable Marketing Executive / Manager Resume

Marketing _xecutive_Resume

If you’re a fresher aspiring to make a resume which gets you an interview-call despite lack of experience, this template would be perfect. In this sample, you can articulate about your strengths and skill-sets, and convey to your potential employer why you’re a good fit for the chosen job-position.

Simple PSD Resume Template Download

PhotoGrapher_ResumeFor seekers of minimalistic styled resume samples, this template featured right here is the best option. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a fresh career-aspirant, this resume template has the format and features which caters to both groups.


Print Ready Presentation Resume Template

Editable Presentation Designer Resume

You are getting a smart professional cv template download opportunity here which begins with your photo, contact details, profile, objective and education at the left while on the right you have experience & languages known.

Modern Project Manager Resume Template

Project Manager Reume Template

If you are looking for a good cv format for project manager, this template here would be great. It follows a neat layout with a soothing blue & white combo and each of the headers have been clearly specified.


Super Clean Web Designer Resume Download

web_Designer_ResumeThis web designer resume here follows a modern take by allowing you to describe your skills through an edgy bar graph which is a welcome break from too much of text details.


Types of CV Templates

What many are not aware of, there are actually 3 major types of CV templates based on the three main categories of resume.


If you are fan of tradition resume designs and formats, this sample resume will impress you instantly. The format and style is visible old-school – simple and professional. The template is fully customizable so you can fill in details about your academic background, work experience etc – in a chronological manner.


This CV template format allows you to mostly highlight on the skills and strengths that make you fit for the desired job. It won’t matter if you had gaps in your career as the template here focuses the maximum limelight on your skills. Such a free resume template would also be great for freshers who don’t have much professional experience. You may or may not include your job experience here. Even if you include, you don’t exactly need to be specific about the dates- just mention that you have taken part in a certain job. In case, you are planning to change your industry where your previous professional experience won’t be much relevant and your skills would be- don’t look beyond a functional CV template.

Combined CV

This CV template is a combination of two resume styles – chronological and functional. If you want to have a resume which gives you the best of both formats, this CV sample is the one to pick! Showcase not just education and work experience, but you also get to talk about your personality strengths and additional skills.

Multipurpose CV Template

If trendy resume template is what you’re searching for, this sample right here is the answer. It is trendy and stylish albeit in a professional manner. If you have ample experience in your career, this sample offers abundant space for you to write down all about it.

2 Page CV Template

If you are looking to add your photo on your resume this 2 Page CV template example would be great for you. The 2-page quotient offers ample space for all your needed points.

Sample Carrer Break CV Template

If you are on your way to resume your career after a break, this free download career break CV template would be helpful with all its hints on how to compile the most necessary points.

Professional CV Template

You are getting an elaborate professional CV template here which begins with your basic details, picture and contact data on the left and on the right you have everything else including your portfolio.

Sample Nurse CV Template

If you are looking for a functional cv template download, this would be a good one as it offers you ample space to speak at large about your strength and skills. You also have space for your education qualification.

Designer CV Template

You have trendy designer CV template here in the chronological order which begins with your experience, followed by your education and skills. The choice of bright colors has given it a contemporary look.

Modern CV Template

This resume has done a smart job by putting a distinct section “why me” where you can highlight about your unique caliber that will uphold you as the fittest candidate for the job.

Printable CV Template

You are getting a detailed CV format template here which begins with your educational qualification, work experiences and professional qualification on the left- while on right you have your contact details and skills.

MBA Profession CV Format Template

Sample Engineer CV Template

Carrer Climber CV Template

Creative Designer Resume CV Template

Artist CV Template

Sample Resume Template

Professional Resume

Social Media CV

CA Resume Format Template

Sample Student CV Template

Business CV Template

Uses of CV Templates

As mentioned earlier, it’s quite a job to draft a proper fitting CV. Any mistake here could mean a horribly wrong impression about you to your prospective employers- and when it comes to your career you definitely can’t take any risk. Thus, if you need guidance regarding formatting your CV, you can always opt for a free cv download template. Designed by professional experts, these CV templates carry the needed pro resume outlook as demanded by hiring managers, offering you the perfect frame to picture your skills, qualifications, abilities and experience. You never have to worry a bit when you draft your CV based on a professionally designed resume template.

Another great bit about taking to the CV resumes is saving of time and energy. Yes, a CV formatting is a prolonged affair but when you have a template with you, you won’t need to start everything from the scratch. The template comes up with a readymade design with pre-structured spaces for every aspect of the CV- such your picture, educational qualification, professional experience, skills, contact details etc.

Designer CV Template

CSE Engineer CV Format Template

Clean and Professional CV Template

Wild West CV Template

Sample Resume Ph.D CV Template

Sample Resume CV Template

Sample Modern CV Template

Sample Professional Resume CV Template

Sample Modern Resume CV Template

Marketing Consultant CV Template

Creative CV Template

Customer Sales Assistant CV Template

Invoice CV Template

Sample Doctor CV Template

Electronics Engineer CV

Sales Resume Sample Template

Sample Teacher CV Template

Pharmacist CV Template

Admin CV Template

Media CV Template

Blank CV templates are hugely in demand and very popular too. The reason is obvious. Although the templates are blank but the format is readily given in them, so users have to only download and spend time filling up the spaces with necessary information about themselves. What’s more, the formats are flexible and can be customized as per will. You can also see blank CV template.

The following are some of the headings which every best CV template consists of:

  • A simple resume CV template is one which consists of the heading and section for personal information of the candidate such as the name, address, contact number etc.
  • It must also consist of a section of work experience related details such as place of employment, duration of employment at a particular company etc.
  • It must also provide a section where the educational qualifications can be written down. One must have space to enter the year of completion of each course as well.
  • A section for skills and strengths should also be present.

Tips on CV template writing

Action Words

Maintain a formal professional tone throughout and beef up your resume with strong action words such as managed, prepared, administered, developed, monitored, championed, presented etc. Go through the resume templates of your industry and find out how the CV has been presented and which keywords have been implemented. Your resume would be scanned electronically and those without the specific keywords as desired by the particular industry, would be cancelled.

Clean Professional Format

Always maintain a clean format with white background. Use bullet points to highlight the different sections of the resume. Maintain single spacing between each sentence and double-spacing as you move to next section.

Quantifiable Terms

Rather than taking to plain sentences, pep up your text with tangible quantifiable inputs as these are more eye-grabbing. For example- instead of just stating “account manager in ad agency” go for “managed 20 strategic accounts annually”.

Dos & Don’ts


Use functional resume template when you have to sell skills
Use formal fonts only
Make sure your resume is fit for the job application before sending
Include personal skills if they are relevant to the job
Choose a fitting resume template especially meant for your profession


Don’t use chronological CV template when you are planning to switch industry
Don’t offer informal email ids
Don’t use generic words like “confident” or “sincere”
Don’t cram your resume but don’t make it too lengthy as well
We are ready to help
When you are looking for latest cv format download, we at are always ready to help you. We have got professionally designed templates for almost every profession out there and our pro layout will make sure the most fitting CV for you. Here is a brief sample on our resume templates-

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