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An income statement is often referred to as a profit and loss statement or even a revenue statement. That is primarily because an income statement is an official document that analyses the net income of a particular company. At your place of work, Sample Income Statement Template is generated on a regular basis which states the revenues being generated on the selling of your products and services, and how this revenue is being converted into net income, which is calculated after all the expenses have been deducted. An income statement will only record the revenues generated and the expenses against this revenue for a particular period of time. The main purpose of generating an Income Statement Template is to reassure your clients and managers that the company is making progress. It serves to show how much money a company has made or lost in the process.

Simple Income Statement Template

sample-income-statement-template Download

General Income Statement Template in Word

general-income-statement-template-in-word Download

Monthly Income Statement

monthly-income-statement Download

Quarterly Income Statement

quarterly-income-statement Download

Financial Statement Template in iPages

financial-statement-template-in-ipages Download

Cash Flow Statement in iPages for Mac

cash-flow-statement-in-ipages-for-mac Download

Profit and Loss Statement Download

profit-and-loss-statement-download Download

Editable Expense Statement Template

editable-expense-statement-template Download

Simple Income Statement Excel Template Free Download

simple income statement excel template free download

Company Income Statement PDF Document

company income statement pdf document

Excel Document Download for Comparative Income Statement Template

excel document download for comparative income statement template

Employee Income Statement PDF Template

employee income statement pdf template

Income Projection Statement Template XLS

income projection statement template xls

Condensed Income Statement Template PDF Format Download

condensed income statement template pdf format download

Example Format Income Statement Template Free Download

example format income statement template free download

Sample Monthly Income Statement Free PDF Document Download

sample monthly income statement free pdf document download

Excel Template for Pro-Forma Income Statement

excel template for pro forma income statement

Annual Income Financial Statement Templates Free Download in PDF

annual income financial statement templates free download in pdf

Integrated Financial Statement Template in Excel

integrated financial statement template in excel

Personal Income Statement Template in MS Word Document

personal income statement template in ms word document

Rental Income and Expenses Template Download in Excel Sheet

rental income and expenses template download in excel sheet

Contribution Margin Income Statement Template XLS

contribution margin income statement template xls

Profit and Loss Statement Template XLS Download

profit and loss statement template xls download

>  Types of Income Statement Templates

Given the important nature of the income statement, you must have a thorough knowledge of the different kinds of income statement templates found online

Classified Income Statement Templates

Such income statements take into consideration the subtotals of the gross margin, non operating expenses and operating expenses. This kind is usually used when there are a number of line items, and this kind makes it easier to follow and understand.

Comparative Income Statement Templates

This kind compares the revenue generated in different periods in consecutive columns. As a result, it becomes easier to track the progress of the company. Or if you performed better in the last quarter, it can serve as an evaluation. You can use comparative income statement templates for this.

Condensed Income Statement Templates

A condensed income statement templates states all the facts and figures in the form of a few lines. Brevity is of the utmost importance in this case. A degree of concentration is maintained both in language and in content. Contribution margin income statement template – This kind takes into account the variable expenses like the costs of goods sold. In order to create such income statements, you can take the help of contribution margin income statement templates.

Single Step Income Statement Templates

Such income statements only state the revenues and the expenses. It does not go into too many details and keeps it simple. These are mainly reserved for small organizations and companies.

Why Should You Use Income Statement Templates?

If you thought creating income statements would be something very trivial and easy, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are so many different types of income statements, that you’re in for a hard time if you’re planning to do it all by yourself. Save yourself the hassle, just look up income statement templates online. These have been custom designed to suit your needs. You will find all kinds of templates online, you just have to know where to look. You can download Word Income Statement Templates and follow the format demonstrated there. You can remove the details already provided in the template, and instead insert your own details. By downloading, editing and customizing the templates, you can make full use of them. Most accountants are now turning to sample income statement templates for their income statements now.

How To Create Income Statements Using Templates?

If you look at some income statement templates online, you’ll notice that they all have a similar pattern more or less. If you observe closely, you’ll be able to point out a few subtle differences in the pattern and content. That usually depends upon the kind of income statement you’re planning to use. That is why you need to keep that in mind while choosing the template. Once you’ve browsed through a list of free income statement templates, you can make an informed decision as to which ones to choose. After downloading the template, you can start editing the details one by one. The format has already been prepared for you; which means you can simply insert the details and be done with it. Could it be any easier than that?

Tips While Using Income Statement Templates

Have you decided to download a income statement template? Then these are a few things you must keep in mind while using them

  • The type of the income statement must be taken into account. A comparative income statement will differ from an ordinary one. In fact, not only the content, but the entire pattern is different. You cannot afford to mess up the formats of the different types of income statement templates.
  • While experimentation is certainly preferred in some cases, simple and professional look best in grave matters like income statements. In these cases, it is always better to stick to the conventional formats that have been followed over the years. Stick to the formats shown in the templates, these have been verified and proven to be correct.
  • Use only those income statement templates which can be customized easily. You must be able to edit the details with ease, in order to use the Word 2010 for Free Download to the fullest. That is precisely why you need to opt for customizable income statement templates.
  • Do not forget to mention any details that might be important. You must go through the statement again and again to make sure you haven’t left anything out. A simple error on your part could make or break your company. Analyse the data in hand carefully, and make a rough draft before working on the final document.

What To Do And What Not To Do With Income Statement Templates


  • Mention type of income statement.
  • Try to keep the layout as simple as possible.
  • Use simple, precise and to the point language.
  • Choose templates that are customizable


  • Do not try to incorporate too much into one statement
  • Do not miss out on important or relevant details
  • Don’t create the income statement in haste
  • Do not use informal or colloquial language.

We Can Help You Out!

At, we have an endless collection of professional income statement templates. All our income statement templates have been designed in such a manner that they are extremely user friendly. You can download these Essential Document Templates free of cost, and find out for yourself. You will find different kinds of templates here, and you surely won’t be disappointed. Since an income statement is all about establishing a reputation for your company, you must understand the need for a neat presentation. Yes, the facts and figures are important, without a doubt. But the “how” is equally important. You need to pay close attention to the details, and to the Arrangement on the Income Statement in order to have an idea of the format, you can take the help of income statement templates online. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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