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14+ Best Firefox Themes & Templates 2015

Are you looking to personalize your Firefox with a special theme? Well, if Firefox is your favorite browser you would love to jazz it up with some interesting layouts in place of the plain boring one that appears by default. In case you are looking for inspiration, we have got best must have firefox addons that cover your desired creative themes as well.

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Forest River Stream

Moss laden river stream with pebbles and water plants presents for a great visual appeal. If you love nature and the shades of green and blue therein, Forest River Stream is an ideal Firefox theme for you. It would please your senses like no background ever did.

Beautiful Sky

Enhance your experience of staying online through Beautiful Sky Firefox theme consisting of mountains, lush green meadows blossoming with flowers and birds in the crimson red sky. The sun rays falling on the mellow grassland make the theme all the more enticing. Download it here and give your Firefox a complete makeover.

Black Cat Blue

Experience the royalty of a black cat with blue eyes in a blue-black background. If you are a cat lover, Black Cat Blue Firefox theme is sure to impress you. Using Firefox would become even more interesting for you, once you get this theme and the awesome add-ons of the browser.

Peacock Among the Leaves

The beauty of a Peacock remains simply unmatched. Having a Peacock among the leaves as your Firefox theme is a great idea if you are a passionate birdwatcher or naturalist. Get it from here and keep yourself closer to flora and fauna that nature has bestowed on us.

Losing Horizon

Airplanes soaring high up in the sky amidst the clouds inspire you to pursue your dreams and work to fulfill them without stopping. Losing Horizon is one such Firefox theme that would encourage you to run after your aspirations. Get it from here and reach for the stars with feet grounded.

Humming Bird

How about making the smallest bird of the world hovering over beautiful flowers your Firefox theme? The beauty of flowers and the wonder of smallness combined in one picture is a great idea for an innovative Firefox theme. Download it from here and make your Firefox look brand new.

Sunset on the Beach

The splendor of sunset on the beach is a sight you can never get enough of. The sun setting under the horizon enhances the beauty of the seashore even more. If you love this wonder of nature, download Sunset on the Beach Firefox theme and keep the atmosphere of beach on your laptop all the time.

Sun Moon

Sun as the ball of fire and moon, the symbol of subtlety reflect balance in life. Sun Moon theme for Firefox is a great theme that helps you to keep levelheadedness in your approach and strive for a stable life. You can try the theme from here and change your Firefox for better.

3 Owls

Having a glimpse of an owl family settled on a single tree branch is sure to mesmerize your eyes and fill you with a sense of endearment. Download this cute theme for your Firefox and make yourself go “aww” every time you open the browser.

Mozilla Fozilla

The color black makes anything look sexy. If you want your Firefox to have a similar visual appeal, Mozilla Fozilla is the right theme for you. The same old Firefox theme has some amazing replacements these days and this one can surely be in the list of top themes.

Eyes of Leopard Firefox Theme

Hatsune Miku

Softeness in Teal n Pink

Dark Fox

Colorful Pastel Flowers

We have come up with latest range of Firefox themes to ensure an edgy outlook for your browser. Our versatile gallery comprises of amazing themes ranging from movies to abstract art to great animations to natural scenic beauties and what not.

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Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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