11+ Server Backup Tools

Server backup tools are typically web applications that are linked to web servers or clouds that perform the operation of backing up important information present on your website to the server so that they can be recovered, in the case of an inevitable disaster does away with your website and destroys all your data. Server backups that are reliable are usually not free but the good news is that they can be accessed for a reasonable amount of money. You can also see Network Penetration Testing.

server backup tools

Acronis Server Backup Wizard Tool

acronis server backup wizard tool

Acronis Server Backup Wizard Tool is a leading backup software for emergency data recovery. It provides secure data access to consumers and to both small and large medium enterprises. Out of the many features of Acronis Server Backup Wizard Tool, physical, virtual, cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing and system deployment are the major ones. Acronis Server Backup Wizard Tool is powered by Acronis AnyData Engine and it provides easy, complete, and safe solutions for data in local, remote, cloud, and mobile devices.

Carbonite Business Server Online Backup Tool

carbonite business server online backup tool

Carbonite Business Server Online Backup Tool is a tool that can recover anything from a single file to an entire system with just a click of a button. Furthermore, it provides backup for an unlimited number of computers, external storage, and NAS devices. So you can focus on your business knowing that through Carbonite Business Server Online Backup Tool, the data that is crucial to your business is safe.

Storage Craft Back Up Server Systems and Data

storagecraft back up server systems and data

Storage Craft Back Up Server Systems and Data tool comes in handy in protecting the systems, data and it also provides options for verified backups and quick recovery of data. Whether your environment is Windows or Linux, physical or virtual, Storage Craft Back Up Server Systems and Data tool has got all your bases covered.

Novastor Server Backup

novastor server backup

Novastor Server Backup tool provides complete local and online backup for both real as well as virtual Windows server data protection. It protects critical business files, databases, emails, shared images, shared media files, documents and many system information from a single solution.

Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup

barracuda yosemite server backup

Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup tool is used worldwide by over 200,000 businesses and millions of end-users who want to protect their critical business information. Barracuda Yosemite Server Backup tool can also help you save storage space by compressing the backed up data and it can also be encrypted with up to AES 256-bit security.

Backup Assist Server Backup Tool

backupassist server backup tool

Backup Assist Server Backup Tool makes the process of backing up critical systems, data, and applications in both physical and Hyper-V environment, a lot faster and easier. It performs automatics, scheduled backups, and quick recoveries of Window servers and Hyper-V.

Paragon – Server Backup Software

paragon server backup software

Paragon Server Backup Software tool is an all-in-one software solution which can be used for backing up virtual as well as physical IT infrastructures. Whether your IT infrastructure is based on Vmware, vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, physical servers or a combination thereof, Paragon Server Backup Software tool can provide quick and flexible restoration functions.

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server

easeus todo backup advanced server

EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server tool provides easy backup of data to Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. This tool makes the task of backing up of system and restoration of data a lot simpler as it can be done with a single click. It helps the business continuity by backing up crucial business data.

R1Soft Server Backup Manager

r1soft server backup manager

R1Soft Server Backup Manager gives service providers a flexible, server-friendly solution which eliminates the roadblocks which users face while using traditional backups. The continuous data protection provided by R1Soft Server Backup Manager enables users to run backups as frequently as every 15 minutes and it doesn’t affect the server performance in any manner.

Vembu Server VMBackup

vembu server vmbackup

Vembu Server VMBackup tool is a disaster recovery software which supports Vmware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Many of the medium and large companies are moving their business critical servers to VMware vSphere environments to avail the benefits of minimal downtime and it’s cost effective as well.

Storage Craft Shadow Protect Server Backup

storagecraft shadowprotect server backup

Storage Craft Shadow Protect Server Backup tool helps in protecting your entire server which includes the operating systems, applications, services, settings, and data. It facilitates scheduling of automatic full and incremental backups for automatic protection of Windows servers. Furthermore, it can easily migrate to a new Windows server without losing out on any data.

A very popular example is the Windows Server Backup tool that can be accessed by all Microsoft users and has been very successful in preventing loss of data.