21+ Most Useful Network Analysis & Monitoring Tools for Admins

Network analysis is the process to determine what is happening to the developed network. It captures the network traffic , Monitor’s the device , ports or Protocol etc. In an easy way we can say the network analysis tool just help us to know what is happening in any kind of network either it is Local Area Network or Wide Area network. The Network analysis tool divides the Data Packets of common protocol and helps to display the traffic in human readable format. You can also see Static Analysis Tools.

It is a simple software, available free and commercially, can be installed in your system. This software can be used by Network Engineer, System Administrator, Security Engineer etc.

Microsoft Network Monitor Analyzer

  • microsoft network monitor analyzer

Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer

  • wireshark network protocol analyzer

Xirrus Wi-Fi Network Analyzer Tool

  • xirrus wi fi network analyzer tool

Xymon Systems and Network Monitor

  • xymon systems and network monitor

NetXMS Network Monitoring System Download

  • netxms network monitoring system download

Softinventive Total Network Moniter Tool

  • softinventive total network moniter tool

Download Icinga Monitoring System Analyzer

  • download icinga monitoring system analyzer

Angry IP Scanner Friendly Network Analyser

  • angry ip scanner friendly network analyser

Splunk Network Analysis Tool for Free

  • splunk network analysis tool for free

Mikrotik Network Monitor Tool Download

  • mikrotik network monitor tool download

Cytoscape Network Data Analysis Tool

  • cytoscape network data analysis tool

Rohde-Schwarz Network Analyzer Tool

  • rohde schwarz network analyzer tool

Paessler Network Analyzer Tool Download

  • paessler network analyzer tool download

PRTG Network Monitor Freeware Tool Download

  • prtg network monitor freeware tool download

Zenoss Core – Enterprise IT Monitoring Download

  • zenoss core enterprise it monitoring download

Download Pandora FMS Network Analysis Tool

  • download pandora fms network analysis tool

Netresec Network Forensic Analysis Tool

  • netresec network forensic analysis tool

Fiddler Network Analysis Tool Free Download

  • fiddler network analysis tool free download

Capsa Free Network Analyzer Tool Download

  • capsa free network analyzer tool download

Advanced IP Scanner Free Network Analyzer

  • advanced ip scanner free network analyzer

Download Open NMS Network Analyse Tool

  • download open nms network analyse tool

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