11+ Best Facebook Themes & Templates 2023!

Your Facebook cover page is like your representative to the social world around and hence you would love to pep it up with a special touch that would able to echo your distinct personality. If you are looking for the best inspirations, our cool facebook backgrounds here would be able to please you to the extreme. Facebook Templates are free to download.

facebook themes

Dental Facebook Cover Template

dental facebook cover template

Spring Break Facebook Template

spring break facebook template

Valentine’s Day Facebook Cover Theme


Trance Themed Facebook Cover


Corporate Facebook Timeline Cover Template

corporate facebook timeline covers

Nature Facebook Timeline Theme

nature facebook timeline theme
Facebook has taken over the lives of most of the people in the world. Everyone wants their Facebook profile to be the most impressive. If you are one of those people who want Facebook profile to be perfect, you can have Nature Facebook Timeline Theme in just 2 dollars.

Facebook Anonymous Theme

facebook anonymous theme
We all wear a mask, don’t we? Our Facebook profile conveys the least about us because no matter how hard we try, our real self and the personality we show in the virtual world always remain different. Facebook Anonymous Theme conveys this fact in the best possible way. Get it from here and change your Facebook theme to a black background with a masked man.

Pleasantly warm sun, sunglasses, star fish, waves gushing to the shore and palm trees are all the main highlights of a beach. If you are a beach lover, Beach Bliss Facebook Theme is the most appropriate one for you. It is high time you change your Facebook theme to a more fascinating one.

Lazy Summer Days Facebook Theme consists of a beautiful lawn that soothes your senses no matter how your mental state is. Even when you are stuck in unending work, this theme will keep you at peace. You can download it from here and keep yourself fresh and eyes relaxed.

Gearing up for the best time of the year, Halloween? Halloween Facebook Themes are here to give your Facebook the same festive vibe. Wish the people in your Facebook friend list by changing your Facebook theme to Halloween related cover photo and profile picture.

My Theme for Facebook

my theme for facebook
Do you want to customize your Facebook background to the theme of your choice? My Theme for Facebook allows you to modify your background as per your will. You can keep your own color and personalize your Facebook profile to make it more fun to visit. Get it here and choose your own color bar and background image.

Assassins Creed IV Black Theme

assassins creed iv black theme
Assassins Creed IV Black Theme is for all those people who love this movie created by 20th Century Fox, supposed to release in December 2016. Action movie fans are surely going to love this wonderful background in black. Download it here and give your Facebook account a total makeover.

At the Beach is one of the themes that never gets outdated and old. It is always fun to use themes that have a beach landscape and it is invariably loved by everyone. You can download this theme from here and give your Facebook profile a pleasant look.

Facebook Monster Energy Theme

facebook monster energy theme

Theme Face Black Facebook

theme face black facebook

We have covered a wide gallery of designs here with our interesting list of latest Facebook themes & templates. Whether you are looking for something romantic or an abstract artwork or some natural splendor or something fashionable- we have covered everything.