7 New Web Design Tools for Designers & Developers 2023

Over the last period of years, there have been a large number of web design tools entering the modern day market. Older designs like photoshop have long faded into thin air with other new and sophisticated ones emerging. Every designer across the globe has his/her indispensable tool that cannot be replaced by any other tool whatsoever. However some have embraced new tools which have been of help to their work.

new web design tools

> Antetype


It is a new designing tool used for creating responsive UIs that are use in apps and websites. The tool creates high-fidelity prototypes thus making it better than its predecessors. This is because it focuses on creating and not creating apps that replace developers. It has replaced the other tools in terms of layout and content thanks to its Auto-layout function.

> Rinse


It is ideal for photographers across the globe. It provides them with a unique display of photos that they can use to improve their portfolio. Also, the tools offers two accounts that one can use to display their stories; a basic account enables one to upload one story while advanced account helps one upload up to 10 stories.

> Frameless


It gives a new and easier way of previewing various prototypes on iOS devices. It is also useful when previewing any native content. The tools come with customizable gestures like tap, swipe and shake the device. These advancements are far much better in Frameless than in other tools previously designed and you can choose to turn your history on.

> Avocode


It makes it easy for developers to code their websites. Using this tool, one can export files and create an amazing design for them. With just one click, you can use its Photoshop plugin to sync your PSD into Avocode. Unlike other tools, with Avocode you have total control other how you export files. It acts as the bridge between the designers and developers and the smartest way to share various designs. [Top Web Design Mistakes]

> Affinity


Photoshop has always been one of the favorite tools for designers. Affinity got its reputation when It was deemed as the Photoshop killer. This is because it has incredible designs dedicated to web and graphic design. Unlike Photoshop’s 32,000 zoom, Affinity boasts of 1,000,000. It also has an amazing undo and history features which go back to over 8,000 steps.

> Pinegrow


This is a desktop app that is used to build websites. It uses a drag-and-drop UI and has a preview window that enables you to see what activities you are carrying out on your page. One can also edit multiple pages that use style sheets and don’t dump just any useless code in your site.

Web design tools differ in feature and prices; this depends on the intended use. Different users buy or develop tools depending on what they plan to achieve. For instance, if they intend to work on ecommerce platforms, a new web design development tool with integration is recommended.

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