21+ Best 3D Animation Softwares & Tools

To choose the perfect 3d animation software depends a lot on what you want. There are softwares which focus on the creation of 3d objects while other complex programs help you build life like characters. Thus if your objective is simple then there is no need to waste effort and time on such complex softwares but if you want to make animation movies with high quality rendering, then buckle up and get one those high end softwares. You can also see 3D Modeling Software / Tools.

d animation softwares

Maya – Comprehensive 3D Animation Software

maya best 3d animation modeling softwareThe Maya from Autodesk is an all in one repository of animation software that provides enormous amount of features that is required by the professional artist to create the perfect animation.

3DS Max – Animation Software Software

ds max modeling rendering softwareThe 3DS max animation software is a superb software created by AutoDesk which provides premium user experience for a price. An excellent animation software to aid all the professionals.

The Aladdin4D is a good alternative to the premium animation software. A simple interface and an easy user experience, the Aladdin4D is a recommended animation software for all the newcomers.

Autodesk MotionBuilder – 3D Character Animation Software

autodesk motionbuilder 3d character animation softwareThe Autodesk motion builder is an excellent software that is used to create motion animations. With a wide array of features and tools available with the software, it is one of the best.

DAZ Studio – Best 3D Animation Software

daz studioIf you want to use a good animation software not created by Autodesk but do want the features and tools found in them, then choose the DAZ studio animation software.

Lightwave3D – 3D Animations Software

lightwave3d 3d animations softwareThe lightwave3D is a new animation software that has the ability to create different types of animation, from 3d modeling, cartoons, animated videos to world anime. An all in one animation software.


clara io

Anim8or – 3D Animation Software

anim8or 3d animation software

Reallusion – 3D & 2D Animation Software

reallusion 3d 2d animation software


Mixamo – Online 3D Animation Software

mixamo online 3d animation software



Aurora Free 3D Animation Maker

aurora free 3d animation maker

Pure Mac 3D Animation Software

pure mac 3d animation software

Cheetah3D – MAC Animation Software

cheetah3d mac animation software

Strata – Creative 3D Software for Animators

strata creative 3d software for animators

Kinemac – 3D Real Time Animation Software for OS X

kinemac 3d real time animation software for os x

Carrara 8.5 Pro – 3D Modeling & Animation Software

carrara 85 pro 3d modeling animation software

Apart from the features and the ease of use, compatibility should also be checked out. There is no point in getting a high quality program which doesn’t run in your Mac system. Also check out the quality of customer support based on user reviews. Using sophisticated software requires a lot of help from the developers.