15+ Open Source Testing Tools & Software

The term “open source”, when used in the context of software, means a software whose source code is openly published on the internet, and the code can typically be accessed by anyone and can often also be modified by anyone. This is very useful for certain commercial and research based software that require users to modify their wares. You can also see Software Testing Tools.

open source testing tools

Common examples include Turbo C++ and LAMMPS. An open source testing too is simply a tool for testing websites for performance, cross browser support, and responsiveness that is open source and free. You can find a number of them on the internet.

Twister Open Source Test Automation Framework Tool

twister open source test automation framework tool

Twister Open Source Test Automation Framework Tool is an open source tool. It is a customizable and user-friendly tool. It allows to execute, integrate and manage. It is integrated with the Qa tools and technologies and also with the pre-existing test tools.

Cucumber is an open source automation tool. It has got executable specifications with the appropriate system to build the software that matters the most. It is more than a testing tool it is loaded with the features like customer focusing, living documentation and reduces work. All you need is right here.

Marathon Tool Create Test Script

marathon tool create test script

Marathon Tool Create Test Script is the another testing tool which is popular and has got more than 80,000 of downloads. It is easy to use tools made for testing environment and it is quite affordable. It is a cross-platform framework which is supported by JAVA.

Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform

eclipse test and performance tools platform

Watir is an Open Source Tool

watir is an open source tool

Watir is an Open Source Tool for automating web browsers. It is flexible ,super easy to use and maintain. It supports web applications, multiple browsers, lightweight and uses Ruby which is the modern scripting language.

Canoo WebTest Free Open Source Tool

canoo webtest free open source tool

Canoo WebTest is a Free Open Source Tool which does testing in a very effective way. It does excellent reporting, extendable, low TCO and does not accept bad formatted HTML. It does not support the normal browsers.

AutoIt Script Editor Open Source Tool

autoit script editor open source tool

AutoIt Script Editor Open Source Tool is a freeware basic scripting language which automates the windows GUI. It uses mouse movements and simulated keystrokes. For more information click on the link to direct to the website.

SoapUI Perform Functional Testing Tool

soapui perform functional testing tool

SoapUI Perform Functional Testing Tool is an awesome tool which gets upgraded and improves every time for a better performance. Visit the website to download this incredible testing tool.

Sahi Best Functional Automation Testing Tool

sahi best functional automation testing tool

Robotium Open Source Testing Android Application is the another powerful testing tool. You may opt for the trial version to see how it works. Click on the link to download the tool.

Robotium Open Source Testing Android Application

robotium open source testing android application

Selenium Powerful Open Source Tool

selenium powerful open source tool

Tarantula Best Open Source Test Management Tool

tarantula best open source test management tool

Testopia Open Source Testing Tool Download

testopia open source testing tool download

RTH Turbo Testing Management Tool

rth turbo testing management tool