15+ Network Traffic Analysis Tools

Network traffic analysis tools are tools that allow you to monitor and analyse the kind of traffic that your website is getting. Many statistics about the traffic of your website might be useful for making the best out of your content. You might want to come up with new posts during the specific times when you get surges in traffic. An analysis of network traffic will also let you know what kind of pages or products or content is getting the most traffic, so that you can focus on the in order to make your website more suitable for your specific clientele. You can also see Network Penetration Testing.

network traffic analysis tools

Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 Tool

microsoft network monitor

Microsoft Network Monitor 3.4 Tool is an awesome tool to give you accurate information on the traffic. It gives a deep insight on them and it also has a protocol analysis on traffic capture. It follows the latest parsers protocols and delivers the best of the results like troubleshooting, application messages, protocol messaging traffic etc. click on the link to download this video.

Nagios IT Infrastructure Monitoring

nagios it infrastructure monitoring

Nagios IT Infrastructure Monitoring is the best tool to monitor the IT infrastructure. You can easily analyse, view and archive logs in the single location. You can also check bandwidth. It resolves the issues the problem of entire network.

OpenNMS Network Nanagement Application

opennms network nanagement application

It is an open network management application. It is developed under the open source model, it is been in the picture since 1999. It gives a lot of flexibility and it can be customised and can give integrated management system. Download this tool, right away.

Advanced IP Scanner Network Analysis Tool

advanced ip scanner network analysis tool

Here is the another Advanced IP Scanner Network Analysis Tool which is packed with the features you need. It is much reliable and analyses the LAN. it also allows the network to access the folders. Remote control of computers and it can also switch the computers off. There is no installation required. Click on the link to download the file.

Capsa Free Network Analyzer Tool

capsa free network analyzer tool

Capsa Free Network Analyzer Tool is the best to go for. It is packed with the amazing features like record network profile, customizable alarm, monitoring analytics of Yahoo and MSN, customizable reports and auto save Email content. It allows the user to troubleshoot, keep an eye on the network traffic and customizable dashboards eve. What else are you looking for? Download this right away!



Fiddler is a debugging proxy for all kinds of browsers and platforms. It is packed with the amazing features like debugging the problems from all types of systems. It ensures that all the information flows smoothly. It does performance testing, web session manipulation, security testing, customised fiddler and HTTP/HTTPS traffic recording. It is loaded with everything you need, click on the link below to find out.

NetworkMiner Network Forensic Analysis Tool

networkminer network forensic analysis tool

NetworkMiner Network Forensic Analysis Tool is for windows. It detects the operating system and other functionalities without harming any traffic on the network. It provides artefacts and it is one of the popular tools which is used. Click on the link to download the file.

Pandora Monitoring Systems & Network

pandora monitoring systems network

Pandora Monitoring Systems & Network is an elegant clean tool that resolves all your issues in a quick time. It has an awesome IT monitoring which saves a lot of time. It works in the and delivers the high-end monitoring in the complex environments. Click on the link below to download the tool.

Zenoss Open Source IT Monitoring

zenoss open source it monitoring

PRTG Network Monitoring Software

prtg network monitoring software

The Dude Application Network Monitor

the dude application network monitor

Splunk Networks Free Trials and Downloads

splunk networks free trials and downloads

Angry IP Scanner Download for Windows

angry ip scanner download for windows

Download Icinga Network Analysis Tool

download icinga network analysis tool

Soft Inventive Total Network Monitor

soft inventive total network monitor