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31+ Awesome 3D Pencil Drawings for Inspiration

Creating a 3D image on with pen and paper is a multi step process. Unlike traditional 2D drawing or sketching, you generally do not see what your finished piece will actually be like until the project has made some progress. You generally start off with a sketch of what your piece will look like in the end and then build objects in 3D in a modeler. Once your models are finished, surface textures and characteristics such as reflectivity, transparency, roughness and luminance are applied to make it stand out.

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Amazing Snake Art with Pencil


Creating a 3D art such as this requires utmost skill and perseverance. This half finished 3D pencil drawing made on paper with pencil seems like it will soon wake itself up to life.

3D Pencil Art Work

These ornamental 3D Corinthian Columns are drawn with pencil on paper render character, depth and reality to such an extent that it seems to be a real object instead of a sketch.

Pencil Art of Bridge

This three dimensional art made on a card would take the form of a stone bridge when opened. This form of art is a new way for expressing an old form of art. You can also see Photorealistic Pencil Drawings.

One of the most notable aspects about making 3D art with pencil and paper is the shading technique which needs to be learnt and practiced for years to create the illusion of reality.

Awesome Pencil Art Design

Shading and highlighting are two of the most important aspects of 3D drawing as in this image which depicts the fingers peering into the paper and tearing it off with the nails wherein in reality the shading and highlighting has been done on both sides of the paper. You can also see Graffiti Pencil Drawings.

Three dimensional art is simply a representation of what you see and therefore, artists tend to recreate images which could be created by our brain such as the image drawn here.

Dolphin Jumping From Ring Pencil Art

The shading and highlighting of this dolphin has been made in such a way in this three dimension art that it seems to jump right in between the real hoola hoop extended.

Creative Pencil Art

In this realistic sketch it seems that the three dimensional objects have been stacked over each other in a realistic manner. Understanding the light system is of utmost importance in these sketches.

Monster Creature Pencil Art

Making 3D images such as this include cutting and shaping the paper in such a way that it seems as if the object has protruded out of the paper itself.

Pencil Art of Man Pushing Wall

The principle of shadow, mid tones, cast, and highlight is stunning which has rendered the image realistic here. Knowing where highlights are to be made is important for 3D Art.

Mirror Designed Pencil Art

Vintage Door Shown in Pencil Art

Musical Instrument in Pencil Art

Creative Monument Designed with Pencil

Clean Inspirational Pencil Art

Beautiful Pencil Art

Monster Shown with Pencil Art

Pencil Art by Fredo

3Dimension Pencil Art

Turtles Designed by Fredo

3D Monster Pencil Drawing on Paper

Shining Sun in Fresh Morning

3D Design by Artist Fredo

Skull Art Design

Eiffel Tower Designed with Pencil

3D Pencil Art by Julia Barinova


3D Drawing on Paper

3D Art by Nagaihideyuki

Saulius Pencil Art on Paper


3D Drawing Monster that Emerged

Transparent Glass 3D Anamorphic Drawing

The 3D Art templates at are for you to take inspirations and ideas before you get down to creating your own 3D Art. You can study these pictures closely to see how the artists have played with light and shadow to create the perfect reality and in some cases, have slit, cut or bent the paper to make the objects protrude out of them.

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98+ FREE & Premium Drawings - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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