31+ Beautiful Animal Paper Arts


For some reason, seeing paper arts always brings out the child in all of us. Not that it’s childish or anything. It’s just that paper arts look so cool and amazing that they will always stay that way no matter what. It can remind you of your childhood and how paper arts seemed marvelous at that time. Well, we think they are still cool. So here are animal paper arts that show craftsmanship and creativity. You can also see Cool Paper Art.

5+ Paper Art of Animal

5 paper art of animal


These jungle themed paper arts are made from bright, colorful materials that make us think of adventure through the outdoors. Individual paper art were put together to create this effect.

Horse Paper Art

horse paper art


The art of folding a paper into different forms is truly magical, just like this one. It’s pretty cool and amazing how this paper horse can stand on its own.

Goat Paper Art

goat paper art


To make something like this goat sculpture, you will need a harder type of paper. This will also make your work more durable and it will last longer without breaking.

Diamond Fox Paper Art

diamond fox paper art


This fox paper art looks so pretty and delicate that you will just want to keep it inside a glass case in your bedroom. You will love it so much.

Paper Art Lion Head

paper art lion head


The majestic head of the king of the jungle is brought to life by Kota Hiratsuka. He showed us how you can make something fierce and magnificent out of paper.

Paper Art Cat

paper art cat


If you like cats and everything that has cats in it, this doable art is something you can try doing at home. Glue pieces of paper together to form the cat.

Paper Art of Smilodon

paper art of smilodon


This is another paper art created by folding a piece of paper into a magical form. It might look easy but we think it takes amazing skills to create one.

10 Papercraft Art

10 papercraft art


It’s hard enough to make small animal paper arts, so imagine how hard it will be to make something as big as the paper arts made by artist Holger Hoffmann.

Paper Cut Art

paper cut art


This handmade paper cut horse is as amazing as folding a paper horse because it takes a great amount of skill to cut the paper nicely. Just look at that amazing tail.

Deer Paper Art

deer paper art


This running deer is another product of paper folding which is super cool like the others. As much as we’d like to try, we don’t think we can perfect one.

Paper Art Elephant

paper art elephant


Dragon of Origami Paper Art

dragon of origami paper art


Rabbit Paper Art

rabbit paper art


Paper Wolf Art

paper wolf art


Scorpio Paper Art Design

scorpio paper art design


Vectorized Reindeer Paper Art

vectorized reindeer paper art


Snake Paper Art

snake paper art


Deer Sculpture Paper Art

deer sculpture paper art


These animal paper arts are truly amazing representations of nature and the animal kingdom. We just wish we can make something beautiful like this. This is a fun way to use paper materials or recycle used paper. This way, you’re helping the environment while making wonderful pieces of art.

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