16+ Street Art Designs To Inspire Your Aesthetic Sense


Street art has been around for generations, and at present, it continues to garner widespread support. However, even the best artists are often stumped for designs. If you are stuck in a similar rut, you could use these glorious examples of street art for inspiration. The aesthetic beauty of each of the images is enough to trigger the artistic sense buried within you. With these samples, you can let your imagination run wild. Abstract designs, quotes, iconic images, you’ll find a plethora of options here!

Street Art Walking

street art walkinggillieandmarc.com

This simple yet meaningful art against the background of a brick wall certainly adds a different texture to the whole image. Also, one can’t help but notice the profound quote in the corner.

Santiago Street Art

santiago street art

Street art is meant to make you stop in your tracks and become spellbound with its stunning beauty. And that is exactly the kind of effect this street art example has on its viewers.

London Street Art Tour

london street art tourstreetartlondon.co

This has to be abstract art at its best. The unique image of the template gives an insight into the aesthetic sense of the artist. You are sure to appreciate the simplicity and the profoundness of the image here.

Mexican City Street Art

mexican city street artmentalfloss.com

The seven hues of the rainbow come together in this fabulous image to create one of the supreme examples of street art. Although the image is simple, it strikes a chord with the viewers for sure.

Beastman Street Art

beastman street artgillieandmarc.com

It would be hard to believe that this piece of magnificent street art is man-made. The use of colors along with the abstract pattern certainly makes this one of the best you’ve come across. You can also see Amazing 3D Wall Art.

London Dynamic Sreet Art

london dynamic sreet artmentalfloss.com

Street art is all about converting something extremely commonplace, like an ordinary building, into something that is breathtakingly beautiful. And that is precisely the impression you get with this template.

Dogs Art on Wall

dogs art on wallgillieandmarc.com

The unique caricatures on the wall are sure to bring out the artist in you. This image is one that would make you pause and actually think. While it may seem quirky, it actually contains a deeper underlying meaning.

Girl with Umbrella Street Art

girl with umbrella street artmentalfloss.com

The surrealistic image, along with the splashes of color, makes the artwork appear really profound and evocative. The aesthetic beauty of this template is sure to blow your minds away.

Monkey Street Art

monkey street artalternativeathens.com

If you were to describe this image in a few terms, “terrifyingly beautiful” would be just perfect. The vivid color scheme used in the image along with the fascinating design adds a special touch to it.

3D Street Art

3d street artturner.com

3D street art has become extremely popular nowadays. Artists today are experimenting with colors, patterns, and new techniques which literally make art come to life, just like in this image. You can also see 3D Art & Paintings.

Love Rainbow Street Art

love rainbow street artpexels.com

The street art here demonstrates one of the most iconic and legendary photographs in history and was taken in Times Square, New York. The photo has been transformed into a piece of abstract colorful art here.

Tiger Street Art

tiger street artlondonist.com

Tigers and other wildlife species are often considered to be popular choices for abstract art. If you’re looking for inspiration, this piece of street art here would do the trick.

Ghost Street Art

ghost street arttwistedsifter.com

This street art template has a Goth feel associated with it. It is bound to spook anyone who takes a look at it. This would be a fantastic idea for your next street art project!

Bees Street Art

bees street artdemilked.com

Simple yet meaningful- that is exactly what this street art is all about. Like this example, you too could make use of some profound quotes to add matter and depth to your image. You can also see Art Deco Painting.

Cool Street Art

cool street arttwistedsifter.com

The black and white sketch along with a dash of yellow certainly adds a special meaning to the overall picture. This has to be one of the best examples of cool and hip street artworks.

Save Trees Street Art

save trees street artearthporm.com

Street art may seem random, but it usually has a deeper and more profound meaning associated with it. In these examples of street art, you would get a fine blend of the contemporary taste with the philosophical. One really cannot deny the aesthetics of the vibrant color combinations and the breathtaking designs. You can also see Cool Art Design.

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