21+ Graffiti Art Examples That will Inspire You

Thanks to the creative imagination, proper planning and unique artistic elements such as style, graffiti continues to gain legitimate recognition as a unique form of art. With graffiti templates, you can let the design be your voice and express exactly what you want to say on your social, political or economic point of view. Theses graffiti art photographs contain different font styles, unique calligraphy, colors and wild style to portray an artistic element. So, make use of these cool graffiti art templates to express yourself.

graffiti art examples

Street Art Graffiti

street art graffitisource

This is a modern art graffiti template that utilizes vibrant colors and cartoons. The simple word style and the unique transition of the colors make this template ideal for advertising a kids event. You can also see Portrait Photography Examples.

Eye of the Tiger Graffiti Art

eye of the tiger graffiti artsource

This template portrays the wild animal in all humans. It also uses the eye of the tiger theme to paint a unique art that can be designed on a wall.

Florence Graffiti Art

florence graffiti artsource

This template is perfect for any person who loves or is intrigued by street art. With this template, you can showcase your creativity by using different fonts and calligraphy to come up with a good looking graffiti art.

Beautiful Graffiti Art of Girl

beautiful graffiti art of girl

This template uses amazing details and vibrant colors to create a unique graffiti art of a beautiful woman. With this template, you can design cool wall paintings or carvings that best express your style.

Brazil Graffiti Side Walk Art

brazil graffiti side walk artsource

This template is suitable for decorating a plain or simple sidewalk. The vibrant colors and the simple wording technique complement the floor design making this template suitable for a fun graffiti artwork.

Stranger Face Graffiti Art

stranger face graffiti artsource

This cool and classy graffiti template can help artists express their views in the most creative and fun way possible. It uses more than two bold colors to create a masterpiece of a stranger’s face.

Electric Avenue Graffiti Art

electric avenue graffiti artsource

This template is ideal for creating a masterpiece on the walls. Instead of having the standard wall paint, with this template you can give life to any bowling wall or decorate the walls of any room.

Omananda Graffiti Art

omananda graffiti artsource

This template is suitable for an artist who loves a basic and prevalent type of graffiti art. It uses spray paint or a simple marker and includes your personal signature to create a vibrant graffiti art.

Old Graffiti Art

old graffiti artsource

This stencil template uses the wild style to design a unique but beautiful graffiti art. It allows artists to showcase their creativity to the maximum without having to use bold colors.

Monster Graffiti Art

monster graffiti art

This template is a detailed painting that uses more than three colors to design a cool fantasy creature. It’s suitable for walls and you can use this vibrant graffiti art template to portray your creativity.

Brick Wall Graffiti Art

brick wall graffiti artsource

Beautiful Graffiti Art

beautiful graffiti artsource

Urban Punk Graffiti Art

urban punk graffiti artsource

Travelling Street Graffiti Art

travelling street graffiti artsource

Shining Graffiti Art

shining graffiti artsource

Wild Cat Graffiti Art

wild cat graffiti art

Good Looking Graffiti Art

good looking graffiti artsource

5 Points Graffiti Art

points graffiti artsource

Graffiti Art

graffiti artsource

Spray Paint Graffiti Art

spray paint graffiti art

Graffiti art templates are relevant in showing creativity and decorating plain walls. Since graffiti is a popular youth culture, an artist or designer can use these templates to make art for walls or even T-shirts. From using simple words to unique calligraphy fonts, these templates will make your clients happy.

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