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25+ Amazing Portrait Illustrations

Portraits are lovely design pieces to have in your homes, office desks, and stores or cafes. They are not only decorative, but they are also reflective of your personal aesthetics—be it minimalism, abstract, surrealism, or other. With the advancement of technology and digital art, portraits are no longer limited to hand-drawn or painted illustrations. Moreover, there are plenty of approaches to illustrating portraits, since a portrait is not just limited to the literal depiction of its subject.

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We’re here to show you just how diverse and creative portrait illustration art can get. Ranging from abstract to ink stencils and color pop, download your favorite portrait illustration and display them with pride. From freebies to premium items, you can even have some of these designs personalized using your choice of subject.

Audrey Hepburn Portrait

Get this wonderful and iconic Audrey Hepburn portrait illustration for your vintage cafe or fashion store. Audrey Hepburn is a fashion and Hollywood icon loved by everyone; and her class and sophistication is accurately depicted in this digital illustration.

Pink-haired Bohemian Portrait

This Pink-haired Bohemian Portrait will surely speak out to a lot of boho chic free spirits. It’s a unique digital artwork illustration that looks as dreamy as it is charming. Get this lovely portrait and put it on display along with your macrame wall hangings and dream catchers.

Underwater Kingdom Graphics Toolkit Illustration

The Female Mystic Shaman Portrait Illustration is a beautiful portrait that’s sure to win the hearts of every gypsy soul out there. Get this intricate and detailed illustration and use it to inspire. You can frame this in your retail store, or make use of this portrait for your e-commerce ads, posters, or blog.

Vintage Gentlemen Illustrations

If you’re looking for vintage illustrations to design your invites and posters with, then these portrait illustrations of vintage gentlemen will surely be of great use. Download this bundle and have highly editable portrait vectors of different types of gentlemen from generations past.

Jazz n’ Blues Illustrations

The Jazz n’ Blues era was definitely one of glamour and style. Get this lovely bundle of portraits inspired by the roaring 20’s, and have your book illustrations finally come to life with these designs.

Folk Couple Portrait

This charming couple portrait with a country and folk theme is one love illustration you wouldn’t want to miss out on. With a click of a button, you can get a personalized portrait illustration of you and your partner. It’s also a great wedding or anniversary present for your loved ones.

Frida Kahlo Digital Portrait

Frida Kahlo is a well-loved Mexican painter known for her vibrant yet brooding self-portraits and iconic uni-brow. Because her portraits are reflective of her loneliness and self-awareness, people can relate to her art emotionally even until today. Thus, this free portrait illustration is a gift to all young artists truly inspired by Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo Abstract Portrait Illustration

If you love abstract illustration designs as much as you love Frida Kahlo, then get this Frida Kahlo Abstract Portrait Illustration for your mod and contemporary home. It’s a completely modern take on the iconic artist, and would look great in your urban cafe, or it can be an amazing gift idea.

Pug with Floral Crown Portrait

Make your flower illustrations even more adorable with a pug in the picture. This Pug with Floral Crown Portrait is an incredibly cute art deco for your bedroom wall, pet tea party invites, or e-commerce site catering to animal care.

Aztec Wolf Illustration

Cats Portrait Illustrations

If you want quirky designs for your pet portrait, then download this set of Cat Portrait Illustrations for highly editable and fun design elements.

Andy Warhol Pop Art

Every form of gratitude and praise is due to this artist, director, and icon, Andy Warhol. If it weren’t for him, the visual movement Pop Art wouldn’t have materialized; changing the course of art and counter-culture. Download this awesome digital rendition of Warhol himself, and proudly display it in your walls, journals, stores, and more.

Woman Pop Art Illustration

These days, retro designs and themes are all the rave. Download this pop art illustration of a woman for your event flyers, invites, or social media posts. You can easily add in fun and quirky typefaces and other design layers to make the portrait work for you.

John Lennon Stencil Portrait

This John Lennon Stencil Portrait is the only black and white illustration you’ll ever need. Although monochromatic, there is no mistaking the soulfulness of this portrait. Display this iconic portrait on your walls, and pay homage to one of the greatest artists who ever lived.

Quentin Tarantino Digital Portrait

If you’re a huge fan of director and writer, Quentin Tarantino, then this digital portrait is sure to get you going. Get this aggressively artistic design for your wall art, movie house, or office centerpiece. You can have the size of this portrait illustration customized to make the setting feel and look just right.

Rey Star Wars Portrait Illustration

If there was an award for best face sketches, this Rey Star Wars Portrait Illustraion would undoubtedly win. This portrait was sketched by hand, and its rawness perfectly encapsulates the headtrong and resilient Rey. Plus, who doesn’t love a good Star Wars portrait for keeps?

If you’re a huge fan of Game of Thrones (who isn’t?), get this lovely and simple portrait of Sansa Stark for your art deco walls or as an awesome gift for a  loved one. Hand drawn illustrations always feel more intimate and personal, and this little portrait illustration is sure to tug the heartstrings of your intended gift-receiver.

Woman Portrait Illustration

Leonardo da Vinci Illustration

If you want straightforward and clear cut portraits, then this Leonardo da Vinci Illustration will do. Download this piece to have yourself a minimalist yet profound portrait of the Renaissance polymath.

Personalized Portrait Creator

This Personalized Portrait Creator is for every designer who just needs a little push (and maybe some outside help) when it comes to digital illustration. With this bundle, you’ll get ready-made characters, geometric illustrations, event stationery designs, and more, to help you create or recreate a favorite memory or portrait.

Portrait illustrations reveal so much about its subject, as well as the owner of said artwork. As you start choosing and designing portrait illustrations of your own, don’t forget to put a little heart and soul into it. All the best ones are those that always look and feel a little personal.

Download your pick from our list, and check out examples of editorial illustrations as well, if you want to explore and expand your horizons in art and design.

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