18+ Soulful Graffiti Backdrops for Inspiration

Something that was viewed as vandalism in the past is now being recognized as an art. But we think that it was really art to begin with because of how it reflects the artist’s feelings, views, or representations of himself. Those color splashes, bold words, and beautiful mess usually hide a message that is far more important than other forms of artworks.More and more people are now being fans of Graffiti and these links will tell you why: You can also see Graffiti Art Examples.

graffiti backdrops

Abstract Graffiti on Wall Backdrop

abstract graffiti on wall backdrop

This graffiti is available for $7.00. The most distinctive colors are red, green, yellow, and variations of these colors. Although it looks a mess of words, you’ll like how neat this graffiti looks.

Grunge Colored Graffiti Backdrop

grunge colored graffiti backdrop

You can say that graffiti is a huge part of the hip-hop culture and this graffiti shows exactly that. With its big “hip-hop graffiti” in the middle and vibrant colors, this graffiti can lighten up your boring space.

Graffiti Wall Backdrop Vector

graffiti wall backdrop vector

You have to look closely to understand the words and saying in this graffiti wall vector. The street fonts in this graffiti are very intricate and seem like they want your full attention before you can decipher them.

Graffiti Wall City Backdrop

graffiti wall city backdrop

This is the first graffiti background on this list that has an illustration of a man rather than just words. You can buy and download this graffiti backdrop on Etsy.

Graffiti Urban Wall Background

graffiti urban wall background

This urban wall background is filled with plump and innocent words such as love and music. It is available in Shutterstock in high resolutions and various sizes.

Vinyl Material Graffiti Backdrop

vinyl material graffiti backdrop

If you’re in need of something with a positive outlook and something that will encourage you to do great things that you’re afraid of, then this YES graffiti backdrop is perfect for you.

Distressed Concrete Floor Graffiti Backdrop

distressed concrete floor graffiti backdrop

This backdrop from Etsy is made from seamless and washable fabric materials. This is wrinkle free and the colors will stay and won’t fade out for at least 13 years.

Free Dance Graffiti Background

free dance graffiti background

If you like pink and love to dance, this graffiti background by username Sed-rah on Deviant Art is great for you. Waking up to this will surely get your groove on.

Photography Studio Backdrops Graffiti

photography studio backdrops graffiti

This photography graffiti background will make any model stand out. Its material is vinyl and it’s made to be lightweight and hassle-free. It is also foldable and easy to carry.

Kids Graffiti Backdrop

kids graffiti backdrop

Kids or even kids at heart will love this graffiti background because of its playful illustrations and vibrant colors. This can surely brighten up a dark room with its light colors.

Graffiti Painting Close-up Background

graffiti painting closeup background

This graffiti might need some parental guidance. It shows a close-up painting of a man or some creature eating another creature. But what we like about this are the cool colors that are a little refreshing.

Extravagant Graffiti Background

extravagent graffiti background

This graffiti background ranges from light to dark colors. We especially love the pink and bright blue splash of colors in the middle. The white background behind these colors also make them standout.

Urban Contemporary Culture Graffiti Backdrop

urban contemporary culture graffiti backdrop

This graffiti looks like a mix of different styles. This beautiful street art shows off darker colors at the bottom and seems to be fading to lighter colors on top.

Dance Graffiti Backdrop

dance graffiti backdrop

This is another background for dancers at heart out there. Unlike the other dance graffiti on this list, this one features two dancers on the left and right side of the word “dance.”

Graffiti Wall Thin Vinyl Photo Backdrops

graffiti wall thin vinyl photo backdrops

Fabric Graffiti Backdrop

fabric graffiti backdrop

Graffiti Wall Backdrop

graffiti wall backdrop

Creative Graffiti Background

creative graffiti background

You can hang these graffiti backgrounds anywhere from your bedroom to your office wall. You can also use them as wallpapers on your phone or computers. Everyone appreciates graffiti nowadays and it seems impossible not to see one in every corner. You can also get inspiration form them and make one for yourself. You can also see Graffiti Backgrounds.