9+ Illustrations from Behance to Inspire

If you are an artist or a creative person and are well aware with the world wide web, Behance is not a strange term for you. You must have stumbled upon the website at least once, when looking for design inspiration online. Artiste all over the world, create their profile on Behance to showcase their artwork. It serves a great platform for inspiration. Keeping that in mind, we decided to bring to you some of our favorite illustration from Behance covering from graphic design illustration to hand drawn illustration, wood cutting illustration and much more.

If you also hold an interest in the art of illustrations, make sure you go through all the artworks given in this post.

Graphic Design Illustration


Ukranian artist, Tetiana Kopytova created this iIlustration for the book of Mary Mykycej “House, which could speak”. The illustration is full of colors and looks like has been prepared for a children’s book. It draws the classic landscape scene with a cottage with watercolors. The watercolor effect works very well with Illustrations.

Space Illustration


This is what the other side of the galaxy looks like. This is a subtle illustration created out of a nice combination of colors. The illustration has been created in caricature style with simplicity and without any chaos

Free Design Illustrations


This digital illustration can be an inspiration for anyone who wants to create a beautiful landscape illustration. This one features a warm sunset scenery with water reflection and birds. It wonderfully captures the elements of nature.

Simple Vector Illustration


This interesting high quality illustration has been created by Lucia Kopasek who is from the United States. This is  a high quality vector illustration that has been prepared using CorelDRAW X6.

Different Conceptual Illustrations

Different Conceptual Illustrations

Conceptual Illustration has a concept or a message stored in the design. It takes a lot of imagination and perception to create an conceptual illustration. Here is an example created by Daniel Stolle from Finland, for New York Times, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, DIE ZEIT, Weltwoche, Scientific American Mind and others

Character Design Illustration


Dung Ho from Vietnam, created this adorable illustration featuring a child playing music and a flock of ducks following the child. The illustration looks like a narrative from a story depicting joy and happiness. You can see the complete set of illustrations with the help of the link given above.

Crown Art Illustration


Tobias Hall from the United Kingdom has created this woodcut and stippling illustration . There is a complete set of woodcut and stippling illustrations that he developed over the years and you must witness if you hold interest in this art form.

Wood Cut Illustration


You don’t always need a paper or a screen to create an illustration, you can also do that on Wood cutting. Here is another example of the same. Meni Chatzipanagiotou from Greece started with wood cutting illustration as an experiment and to explore a different surface, an outlet from using paper on a daily basis and in the period of one year came up with this wonderful collection.

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