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16+ Retro Street Art Designs To Take You Back In Time

Street art, a genre that has been around for decades, is all about making a powerful impact. Each example of street art that you see here, has an intricate message hidden deep within. The retro street art designs here combine the aesthetic qualities of modern and contemporary art along with the vintage charm. In case you’re stuck in a design rut, or are simply curious about street art as a genre, you could take a look at these images. You can also see Street Art Paintings with 3D Effects.

Car Retro Street Art Design


This automobile themed retro street car design has a three dimensional effect and that results in a mind-blowing impact overall. Also, the use of shadows and colours makes it worthwhile.

Women Face Retro Street Art


If you’re talking of abstract art, then this has to be one of the best examples. The art is meaningful, yet striking enough to make one stop and look at it. This is retro street art at its best.

Retro Wall Street Art Design

This retro street art design contains a lot of bright colours and textual elements that give it a very fun, playful and quirky look which forms the essence of street art.

Glasgow Street Art Design


The first thing you notice about this design is the use of colours. The colour combination makes this an exemplary street art design. The design would be great if you’re looking for inspiration!

Street Athens Retro Street Art


This image stands true to the principles of street art and keeps itself funky and interesting. The design is definitely something that you’ve never seen before and harbours an underlying meaning.

Retro Graffitism Street Art Design


The combination of flaming red colours against a sky blue background makes this sample of street art, a striking one. Here, you’ll find a fine blend of text and images as well.

Kid on Robot Retro Street Art


One must appreciate the sheer beauty and magnificence of this image. The attention to detail in this street art design and the play of colours make this a brilliant example.

Retro Women Street Art in Wall


The best part about this retro street art design is that it has been kept simple and minimalistic. Who said street art had to be overwhelming and flashy? This simple design captures the essence just as well!

Wheat Paste Retro Street Art


The combination of white and black against a brick background creates a great impression in the mind of the beholder. The hues and shades along with the detailing in the image make it all the more appealing.

Portugal Lady Retro Street Art


This retro street art design has a unique charm and beauty of its own. Also, this amazing piece of art has a haunting quality that captivates your attention immediately.

Beach Scene Retro Street Art


Star Fighter Retro Street Art


Broken Heart Lady Retro Street Art


Retro Street Art Designs Sample Download

Stoke Street Bristol Retro Street Art


Color Beauty on Wall Retro Street Art


These beautiful retro designs are some of the earliest examples of street art, when the genre was still in the initial phases of expansion. Yet the clarity of thought and the skills displayed in these designs cannot be undermined. You’re bound to appreciate the aesthetic qualities of these street art designs. You can also see 3D Street Art.

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