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Table of Contents

  1. 5 Steps to Make a Mother’s Day Greeting Card
  2. Mother’s Day Greeting Card
  3. 2. Mother’s Day Card Layout
  4. 3. Mother’s Day Flower Illustrations Set
  5. 4. Hand-drawn Mother’s Day Card Template
  6. 5. Fancy Mother’s Day Card Design
  7. 6. Mother’s Day Card – Mother and Son Graphic Illustration
  8. 7. 12 Greeting Cards for Mother’s Day
  9. 8. Floral Mother’s Day Card
  10. 9. Retro Happy Mother’s Day Card Set
  11. 10. Mother’s Day Card Template + BONUS
  12. 11. Cards for Mother’s Day with Cats

10+ Mother’s Day Greeting Cards Templates

Many people consider their mothers to be the most important person in their lives. As such, Mother’s Day is a holiday where we take the time to commend one of the most difficult and trying jobs in the world—being a mother. In this article, we’ll teach you one of the best ways to show gratitude to mothers on this heartwarming day: by making a Mother’s Day card.

5 Steps to Make a Mother’s Day Greeting Card

Step 1: Identify who you want to give the card to

Before you start physically making the card, you should think about the receiver of the card. What are they like? What are their personal preferences? Once you know what the receiver of the card is like, it should not be too difficult to create the content of the greeting card.

Step 2: Prepare the necessary materials

Afterwards, you can now prepare the necessary materials. Although making greeting cards may not be as costly as making other cards (as you can do this by hand even), you should always remember that it is better not to overspend on unnecessary material you will not need. Remember this is an event that is only celebrated once a year.

Step 3: Decide what will be the content

Mother’s Day cards often contain messages. Heartfelt and sincere messages are best written in a Mother’s Day card. Mothers all over will surely appreciate the thought behind the card. To write a good Mother’s Day message, try to express your gratitude and love for the influence of mothers on you and on others.

Step 4: Design the card

Think back on the previous steps. What type of person are you giving the card to? What are the available materials? With that in mind, you should be able to design the card according to what you think the receiver will personally prefer. If you find the process of designing the card difficult, you can download a card template.

Step 5: Print

Print your card on high-quality paper. You can simply print this at home if you have a printer, but if you are planning to commercially distribute Mother’s Day cards we recommend that you have this printed in a good print shop. You may also place your cards within personalized Mother’s Day envelopes to give it a formal appearance.

Paired with a nice bouquet and a box of chocolates, this beautiful Mother’s Day card template is the perfect card to celebrate this memorable occasion. Featuring flowers and leaves painted in a gentle watercolor style around a Happy Mother’s Day caption written in modern calligraphy, mothers will surely appreciate this!

Mother’s Day Greeting Card

mother’s day greeting card

2. Mother’s Day Card Layout


Make a warm statement to your mother by using this Mother’s Day card template. Invoke nostalgia by inserting a photo of your mother with you and the rest of her children in this pink-themed card. You may also use this card for sending out invitations for a Mother’s Day event—like a special brunch, for example.

3. Mother’s Day Flower Illustrations Set

set of retro flower cards template with spring time illustrations for special mothers day family eve

Go all out this Mother’s Day by purchasing this Mother’s Day Flower Illustrations Set. This set does not limit itself to merely cards, but it can also be used as banner, posters, and even flyers! Step away from the trend of using washed-out colors, and incorporate fun and laughter with these vibrant designs.

4. Hand-drawn Mother’s Day Card Template


Mother’s Day is an occasion which is perfect for giving cards that look personally-made. Modern calligraphy is a way for cards to achieve that well-designed look, while maintaining that quirky, individualized motif. Top off your mother’s special day by giving her this simple, yet unique, card! Purchase and download it now!

5. Fancy Mother’s Day Card Design

image previewmomday

Hosting a Mother’s Day event? Then use this Mother’s Day card template for inviting guests and participants. It has a classic, fancy motif that will surely attract people to your event. Aside from this being a Mother’s Day card, its fancy template can also be used for other events—like formal shirt-and-tie events, dinner parties, and whatnot.

6. Mother’s Day Card – Mother and Son Graphic Illustration

card of happy mother s day beautiful mother silhouette with her baby

Modern graphic design is a wondrous work of art, offering unique and never-before-seen patterns that appeal to the eye—just like this mother and child illustration. Celebrate Mother’s Day by using this Mother and Son Graphic Illustration. Print this illustration (depicting a heart-warming maternal love) onto Mother’s Day greeting cards.

7. 12 Greeting Cards for Mother’s Day


Celebrate Mother’s Day by purchasing this great deal: twelve greeting cards for a cheap price! Featuring modern and minimalist designs set in pastel blue and pink, this is a choice selection that everyone will surely enjoy. These cards are perfect, when paired with bouquets and gifts, to be given to maternal figures out there.

8. Floral Mother’s Day Card


Making greeting cards can take an unusually long time. Designing is a difficult process, especially when you have high expectations for the final result. Luckily, we have this attractive Mother’s Day card template that will fit your expectations! This isn’t only a perfect card to be given to your mother, but it can also be used for invitations.

9. Retro Happy Mother’s Day Card Set

happy mothers day card set typography letter font type editable for happy birthday party invitation

Change things up a bit by giving out these Mother’s Day retro cards that any mother (or grandmother, in fact) will likely enjoy. What makes this template even better? You can customize and edit the text to fit not only Mother’s Day, but any other occasion (birthdays, in particular, fit this template perfectly).

10. Mother’s Day Card Template + BONUS

mothers day card template cm

Are you a person who loves poetry? Do you love giving hand-written messages, but find that you lack the time (or talent, perhaps) in design? Then this card is just for you! This card layout comes with simple beautiful borders with space in the middle of the card for you to personally write your message.

11. Cards for Mother’s Day with Cats


Why do people spend time watching cat videos? Because cats are cute. This template is purr-fect for those who love and appreciate these domestic felines. Regardless, whether you or your mother are animal lovers or not, these funny and adorable illustrations will surely warm your heart.

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