23+ Vintage Bird Illustration Designs


It’s safe to say that birds have always been symbolic creatures. Although there are plenty of bird types and their corresponding representations, a pretty common notion about birds, in general, is that they represent freedom and perspective. To some people, birds mean going beyond what is to what could be. To others, birds could symbolize the longing to get away. Either way, they are a means of self-expression.

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Thus, we’ve gathered some of the best and most wonderful bird illustration designs that are sure to make your designs even more meaningful. More than that, these illustrations are not only functional and easy to edit, they come in vintage style to assure you of quality and ornamental designs. Download your favorites—from free to premium—to get started!

Vintage Bird Stamp Designstamp

This Vintage Bird Stamp Design is one vintage paper texture you’ll definitely want your hands on. As the digital age reaches it peak, there is less need to printed mails and handwritten letters. If you don’t want to let go of that tradition just yet, get yourself a worthy collectible such as this lovely stamp with a vintage bird design.

Old School Design Illustrations

fp old school

Download old school illustration designs such as this youthful set, and have yourself entertaining and intriguing design pieces attached to your cards, profiles, and summer party invites. You can easily customize these designs to fit your chosen theme, and have them looking gorgeous on any surface.

Brown Vintage Background

sh stock vector background with blooming roses birds and flying butterflies vector 113418097 788x862

This Brown Vintage Background is composed of vintage bird, butterflies, and flowers that would look great as a themed summer illustration for your invites, wallpapers, and desktop. Download this design to get a nostalgic and somewhat haunting look to incorporate in your works.

Engraved Vintage Bird Designs

engraved 788x525

Get unique and detailed vintage vectors of Engraved Vintage Bird Designs by downloading this lovely bundle right here. You can use these design pieces for your art projects, professional logos, and so much more.

Hand Painted Leaves and Birds

fp hand painted leaves and bird background

The Hand Painted Leaves and Birds can give you wonderful vintage watercolor backgrounds that would go well with your cupcake illustrations and tropical patterns. You can fuse these design  elements to come up with a unique and delectable packaging design for your baked goods and gift ideas.

Vintage Card

sh card 788x786

Make use of vintage birds, floral patterns, and 19th century botanical illustrations as greeting card designs. They are the perfect combination for your themed event or occasion. By downloading this Vintage Card, you’ll get free botanical illustrations that are sure to win people over because of their sophistication and elegance.

Vintage Bird Cage Pattern

sh stock vector vintage birds and birdcages pattern wallpaper 111693659 788x786

If you’re looking for a timeless vintage pattern, this seamless bird cage illustration can be a great addition to your design kit. It’s a simple design with minimal colors and illustrations to keep the mood calm and serene. The overall look is subdued so as not to be too harsh on the eyes, and for it to fit in almost any type of setting.

Watercolor Vintage Bird on Branch Illustration

fp watercolor bird on branch

If you want a bird painting of your own to have a more authentic design element in your work, download the Watercolor Vintage Bird on Branch Illustration and the Watercolor Vintage Bird Design for simple yet realistic designs. You can easily incorporate the watercolor paintings into your art projects or cards, or simply have them framed as stand-alone pieces.

Watercolor Vintage Bird Design

fp watercolor

Vintage Bird Wedding Card

fp vintage wedding

If you want a simple bird drawing for your Save-the-Date, then this Vintage Bird Wedding Card will definitely suit your taste. Download this cute and simple design, and easily edit and customize the text to make it your own.

Vintage Bird Brush Set

sky fulll of birds 788x524

Looking for new brushes to experiment and design with? This vintage bird brush set is all you need for clean and professional designs. Create realistic scenes and beautiful landscapes with a new design tool up your sleeve. You can use these brushes on existing landscape images or come up with brand new scenarios of your own to showcase you skill in design.

Vintage Bird Vector Illustrations

sh stock vector vintage bird design template vector illustration 307551830 788x786

Get unique and vintage bird vectors right here by downloading our Vintage Bird Vector Illustrations. You’ll get awesome bird and floral illustrations that look like they were originally done by hand, to give you that raw and authentic look. You can add in different colors and text to create a whole new look for these vectors.

Vintage Ornamental Wedding Card

fp ornamental wedding frame with flowers and birds

Retro Hand Drawn Bird Illustrations

fp bird retro hand drawn vector

Do you have a thing for black and white illustrations? Our Retro Hand Drawn Bird Illustrations might just suit your fancy, with clean and simple strokes to create a balance between minimalist and detailed designs. You can make use of these illustrations separately, and randomly incorporate them on your cafe walls or website background.

Vintage Bird Art Print

art print 788x788

The Vintage Bird Art Print is a definite must-have if you’re a collector of vintage and classical art pieces. Get this beautiful art print and have a new statement piece in your home or office space. This may also serve as a wonderful present for someone you care about.

Purple Leaves and Vintage Bird Frame

fp purple leaves with bird watercolor frame

Create an air of mystery and magic with this symbolic shades of purple. Cap off the look of your art deco pattern with these Purple Leaves and Vintage Bird Frame. They’re charming and sweet, and are refreshing to the eyes.

Vintage Bird and Floral Design

sh floral 788x786

Vintage Seamless Pattern

sh seamless 788x788

A simple and seamless pattern can be found in this vintage bird pattern design. Download this for your desktop wallpaper, poster backgrounds, wall art and more. Its seamless quality makes for a clean and effortless look. You can make use of tiled images without disrupting the illustrations.

Cageless Bird Illustrations

cm cageless 788x524

This set of Cageless Bird Illustrations would do well as amazing bird logos for your company, retail store, or personal branding. Download this set with over 70 graphic elements you can use in almost any type of design. Aside from a logo, you can use these illustrations for your wall art, stamp designs, stationery, and business cards.

Vintage Hummingbird Set

fp set of hummingbird and flowers in vintage style

Bold and intricate, this Vintage Hummingbird Set is all you need for your event flyers, wedding banners, or cafe walls. They are statement pieces on their own, and can compliment the rest of the design elements already in place. If you want to use this for your invites and stationery, lace patterns, and clean borders ought to cap off the look effortlessly.

Vintage Bird Vector Background

stock vector birds vintage engraved illustration cent r cits d histoire naturelle by c delon published in 85391437 788x802

This Vintage Bird Vector Background can work for you in plenty of ways. Aside from being an actual background pattern for your walls, flyers, or websites, you can just as well use these bird illustrations for your own scenic landscape illustration. Customize these designs and incorporate them with other elements and images.

Hanging Cage Illustration Design

fp hanging cge

Birds Vector Set

sh stock vector set of of birds and flowers line drawings ink drawing hand drawn illustration vector 412369294 788x713

Hand drawn Vintage Bird Designs

hand drawn1 788x558

These Hand Drawn Vintage Bird Designs can be very useful design elements in making your own bird logo. If your company or profession is in any way in line with the symbolic meaning of a particular bird, these bird designs can surely help you achieve the ideal look for your logo.

There you have it: the best vintage bird collection to date. You can download or purchase as many designs as you want for your designs. You can even browse for more vintage illustrations to have more options for your art deco or event stationery. Keep staying inspired!

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