28+ Concept Art Examples That will Catch Your Attention


Concept art is a form of illustration used to convey an idea or concept through mediums such as films, video games, animation, comic books, or other media before it is put into the final product. In other words, it aims at conveying the overall design vision rather than specifying everything in exact terms right at the start. Concept art is nothing but ideas visually presented to anyone in the form of drawings, paintings, quick sketches, sculptures or any art that makes an attempt to explain the meaning. You can also see Imaginative Doodle Art.

Adventure Concept Art by Jose Daniel

adventure concept art by jose daniel


The above concept art is a beautiful piece of creation by the famous concept artist Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena. The artist has crafted this masterpiece for a book called Theseus and the Minotaur: Myths And Legends. The illustration is all about the pivotal character in the book, Theseus and his incredible journey wherein he encounters many battles. Here you can see the craftsmanship of the artist wherein he has lived up to the expectations of the storyteller through this awe-inspiring concept art.

Brief Encounter Concept Art

brief encounter concept art


This concept artwork is yet another incredible piece of art. The artist here has kept pace with the original story and has used his imagination to carve out a monstrous character. Here in this concept art, you can see an exceptional use of the light and shadow technique. The artist has successfully created a fearful intent in the expression of the monster which tells the story or concept aptly through the graphic mode of concept art.

IOS Game Redesign Concept Art

ios game redesign concept art


Concept art is the first step towards a video game development process. The above concept artwork is an excellent creation by concept artist Mikael Gustafsson, and this is one of his many concept art creations. He has created this piece of concept art along with one of his friends for an iOS game. Here, the artist has mainly used Adobe Photoshop rather than the 3D software UV-mapping as it is too time-consuming for creating this amazing concept art.

HaloWars Concept Art Example

halowars concept art example


As they say, a picture is equal to a thousand words, this holds true in the case of HaloWars Concept Art Example. You don’t need to be a fan of video games to like this art. The artwork is of such a high quality that even a layman will fall in love with it. Halo Wars Concept is one of the finest examples of concept art created digitally.

ThaiFlight Art By Barontieri

thaiflight art by barontieri


The ThaiFlight Art is an impressive example of concept art by concept art specialist Barontieri. Here the artist has first hand-drawn the initial layout drawing and later, he has imported it to Adobe Photoshop. Here the artist has showcased his wide range of creativity with spellbinding visuals. He has tried to create a different imaginary world and viewers are sure to get captivated by this unbelievable piece of art.

Demonic Synchronization Concept Art Design

demonic synchronization concept art design


Demonic Synchronization Concept Art Design is another fantastic piece of concept art, but it has been done using the 3D art tool Z-brush. Here the artist has created a fantasy character of a young woman. The image itself is so expressive that it will create an anxiety among the viewers to know about the concept or story behind this art. That’s the beauty of this concept art. You can also see Extraordinary Geometric Wall Art Designs.

Beautiful Conceptual Art made by Jose Daniel

beautiful conceptual art made by jose daniel


The above masterpiece is yet another surreal creation by concept artist Jose Daniel Cabrera Pena. The artist is known for creating concept arts based on historical events, fantasy, and sci-fi illustrations. And the above artwork is no exception to that trend. This is another concept art based on the historical event, The Siege Of Constantinople. In this artwork, you can notice a war-like atmosphere wherein, you can see soldiers on horses. You can also see another soldier holding on to his country’s flag with pride.

Greedcorp Concept Art by Davidsmit

greedcorp concept art by davidsmit


Concept Tree Art Design

concept tree art design


Excellent Concept Art by Mikael Gustafsson

excellent concept art by mikael gustafsson


Matte Painting Concept Art

matte painting and concept art


West Studio Concept Art

west studio concept art


Amazing Concept Art

amazing concept art


Lotus Ocean Concept Art

lotus ocean concept art


Forest Concept Art

forest concept art


Utopia Concept Art

utopia concept art


Studio Art Concept

studio art concept


Elder Scrolls Online Concept Art

elder scrolls online concept art


Project Concept Art

project concept art


Concept art for Haemimont Games Project

concept art for haemimont games project


Project Modules Art

project modules art


Aegis Environment Concept Art

aegis environment concept art


Celebrating Lucknow Concept Art

celebrating lucknow concept art


School Concept Art

school concept art


Space Project Concept Art

space project concept art


Darkwatch Concept Art

darkwatch concept art


Femme Concept Art

femme concept art


Acaratus Concept Art

acaratus concept art


Concept art, as a medium of art, is being acclaimed all over and the reason being, people all over the world seem to have fallen in love with this form. The art of storytelling has never been more creative than it is with concept art and this trend seems to continue for a long time. You can also see Creative Cool Paper Art Designs.

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