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33+ Beautiful Examples of Graffiti Artworks for Inspiration

Graffiti art is an unconventional art form which has its origins in the 1960s. There has been constant debate about its legitimacy as an art form, all thanks to the lack of rules and form which are considered to be flag points of its presentation. Irrespective of all the opinionated discussion, there is no denying that graffiti art form has poised itself in an important role to play in the world of art and design. You can also see Graffiti Backgrounds.

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Graffiti Wall Street Art Design for Inspiration


With the elapse of years, since the rise of design technology and design-driven times, graffiti art has pulled itself up to become a hot favorite with designers. That is why designers, have happily shown acceptance for it. Graffiti art, in layman terms, is an art form which rests on principles of boldness, unconventional, provocative and unexpected.

Earlier, graffiti art was considered to be a gang-expression, which gangs used to draw on walls demarcate their territory. However, today, graffitis are a norm as artistic expression which is widely used to showcase ideas and thoughts which are above and beyond monotonous and regular. In the world of virtual design, graffiti art has become a designers’ favorite go-to zone. Graffiti art offers a whole expression in art, which is quite an experience, unique and one-of-a-kind. You can also see Graffiti Style Letters.

Stunning Graffiti Artwork Dark Background

> Types of Graffiti Art

There are numerous kinds of graffiti art / drawing which are hugely popular across the world. Graffiti styles cannot be bracket, because theirs is such a wide spectrum. Graffiti have a global pull, alright, but their origins are local, showing off feelers of the place they come from, a city, suburb, village etc. But still, we have compiled certain styles and types that are more-or-less universal, and are frequently used in design projects.

Tag Graffiti

It is renowned for being the simplest type of graffiti art there is. Tag graffiti features drawing of names of people in different fonts and artistic styles, they use spray paint, markers and pens for that. You could also call it as street signature of any person or group of people. This type of graffiti is also known as ‘Opportunistic graffiti.’

Throw Up

This is quick-fire graffiti writing style. You take one color and apply a layer of paint, follow it up by outlining letters on that layer using another color.

Stencil Graffiti

This kind of graffiti has the stencil in a starring role. To achieve this type of graffiti, a stencil is held up against a wall, and color is sprayed into it. This sort of graffiti is popular because it only seems simple, and the end result is truly colorful and intricate.

Heaven Graffiti

The name was coined because this kind of graffiti is designed in hard-to-reach locations – such as tall building tops or freeway signs.

Character Graffiti

As the name suggests, this style is based on creating out signature characters which are used to convey a certain kind of message.

Perception Graffiti Art by Tammera


Horror Graffiti Art Example

> Uses of Graffiti Art

Graffiti art can be used for a whole lot of things. If you’re looking to express yourself in an unconventional manner then you can count on graffiti art to help you in number of ways. Graffiti art, after all, started as a form of expression using walls to paint or draw the message across. You can use graffiti art in your design projects as well. Graffiti art has given way to graffiti fonts; you can use the art form to create new interesting fonts.

Graffiti art is widely used on all kinds of merchandise as well – apparel, fashion accessories, culinary accessories, gift wrappers, boxes, cartons, etc… there is no limit, really! If you really want to make a statement in your own home or office, you could also have a spread of graffiti art across the walls. This could turn out to be a great motivator for you!

Beautiful Girl Face Graffiti Art on Wall by Mathew Bedworth


Graffiti Exeprience with Vectorial Artwork and Cartoon


Graffiti Artwork Picture designed by PMBVW Pharoahsax


Popseatery Graffiti Cafe ArtWork for Inspiration


Different Type of 3D Style Graffiti Artworks

Elegant London Graffiti Artwork by PMBVW Pharoahsax


Girly Graffiti Wall art with Beautiful Elements


Simple & Cool Brick Wall Graffiti Art


Graffiti Stencil Art Example


 Graffiti and Street Art


 Graffiti Art Work



> How to create your Own Customized Graffiti Art

To create some amazing graffiti art in Photoshop, we give you a simple step-by-step guide:

Step 1: create a new document in Photoshop – Measurements: width 800px and height 650px.

Step 2: In Photoshop, select the ‘Brick Wall Texture.’ Press CTRL+A to make selection of the texture. CRTL+C to copy, and CRTL+V to paste the same on a new document.

Step 3: Click on ‘Create new fill or adjustment layer’ icon to change the appearance of the texture with color of your choice.

Step 4: Click on ‘Type Tool’ to type in the text in the foreground. Choose a font you like – Follow: Layer > Layer style > Stroke.

Step 5: Apply a special effect of your choice to the text. Go to Layer and select New Layer. Arrange it below the Text Layer. Use the ‘Pen tool’ with ‘Shape Settings’ to give the text the desired look.

Step 6: Repeat Step 5, albeit to add another color and effect to the text.

Step 7: Combine all of the layers in one group. Go to Layer > Merge Layers. Do it again by Layer>Duplicate Layer. Change Mode to Overlay.

Step 8: Lastly blend the graffiti layer with the original graffiti later. Use different brushes to apply different effects on and around the text.

Step 9: Save the original in PSD and JPEG format respectively.

> Tips

If you’re a rookie at graffiti art, starting on paper would be a great idea. First off do some serious research on graffiti art. Get yourself familiar with the prominent kinds and styles of graffiti art. This would improve hand-eye coordination, and help you when you start making graffiti art on paper.

> Dos & Don’ts

Do read up some books or internet papers about graffiti art so that you get some ideas and designs that you’d like to make.
Don’t start big. Keep things simple. Practice on paper and move up

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