85+ Best Vintage & Retro Style Photoshop Brushes for Download Free

What does a person feel, when he looks at an old worn out piece of paper with faded ink or a copper coin; it reminds him of those good old days when conversations were independent of mobile phones and praising was in form of words of appreciation and not online likes or comments.

Many times, it is an essential requirement for graphic designers to create a look and feel that reminds the viewers of the old days. The vintage look is very specific in terms of colours scheme and graphics. It sounds easy but recreation of an old era is tough work.

However, now with vintage texture Photoshop brushes, it is a piece of cake for the designers. There is a plethora of vintage Photoshop brush designs available online. Top free vintage Photoshop brushes offer you particular designs like postcards, old news paper, calligraphy script, Polaroid script etc.

Although, if you wish to customize it, you can download best premium set of vintage pattern Photoshop brushes by shelling a few extra bucks. It’s all about getting that old look for your designs and it will magically take your visitors back to the old days. All of this can be achieved without a time machine, just a simple click and download your choice of vintage ornament Photoshop brushes and install.

Vintage Culinary Photoshop Brush Set

  • vintage culinary photoshop brush set

Retro and Button Brushes

  • retro and button brushes

21 Photoshop Vintage Brush Scraps

  • 21 photoshop vintage brush scraps1

vintage grunge brushes

  • vintage grunge brushes1

184 Leaves Brushes

  • 184 leaves brushes2

Retro Spirals

  • retro spirals

Vintage Grunge

  • vintage grunge

Vintage Bird Brushes 2

  • vintage bird brushes 21

Hand Painted Circles

  • hand painted circles

Halftone Watercolor

  • halftone watercolor

Vintage News Ad Brushes

  • vintage news ad brushes1

Vintage Swirls

  • vintage swirls

Romantic Vintage Garden High Res Photoshop Brushes

  • romantic vintage garden high res photoshop brushes

Vintage Toys Photoshop Brushes

  • vintage toys photoshop brushes1

8 Photoshop Cracked Ink Distress

  • 8 photoshop cracked ink distress

Vintage Grunge Photoshop Brushes

  • vintage grunge photoshop brushes1

Light Leaks Brush Set

  • light leaks brush set1

Vintage Flora Brushes Vol. 1

  • vintage flora brushes vol

Ornamental vintage brush set 1

  • ornamental vintage brush set 1

Retro Grunge Brushes

  • retro grunge brushes

20 Damask Brushes Pack

  • 20 damask brushes pack

30 Grunge Photoshop Brushes

  • 30 grunge photoshop brushes1

Going Postal Vintage PS Brushes

  • going postal vintage ps brushes1

Vintage Lace PS Brushes

  • vintage lace ps brushes

Vintage Scrap Brushes

  • vintage scrap brushes1

Vintage Vogue Brushes

  • vintage vogue brushes1

Hand Painted Crosses

  • hand painted crosses

Vintage Royal Aristocracy

  • vintage royal aristocracy

Vintage Toys Photoshop Brushes

  • vintage toys photoshop brushes2

Patterns Borders

  • patterns borders1

Vintage Flowers Brushes

  • vintage flowers brushes1

40 Decorative Vintage Brushes

  • 40 decorative vintage brushes1

vintage brushes 2

  • vintage brushes 21

Risingsun Brushes

  • risingsun brushes1

Vintage Stencil Damask

  • vintage stencil damask

Ink Swashes Brushes

  • ink swashes brushes1

Vintage Office & Postcard Brush Set

  • vintage office postcard brush set1

Dr. Pepper Vintage Brushes

  • dr

Vintage Post Card Brushes

  • vintage post card brushes1

Ornament Art part II

  • ornament art part ii

Arrow Brushes

  • arrow brushes1

Light Effects Photoshop Brush Kit

  • light effects photoshop brush kit1

Vintage Drafting Studio Brush Set

  • vintage drafting studio brush set1

Retro Dynamic Brushes

  • retro dynamic brushes1

Architectual Ornaments

  • architectual ornaments1

Vintage people brush

  • vintage people brush1

Vintage Brushes Horses in America

  • vintage brushes horses in america

Unique Brushes

  • unique brushes1

Vintage Brushes

  • vintage brushes1

Assorted Vintage Brushes

  • assorted vintage brushes1


  • bracket1

Vintage Type Foundry PS Brushes

  • vintage type foundry ps brushes1

50 Vintage Brushes Set

  • 50 vintage brushes set1

Vintage Art Studio

  • vintage art studio

Vintage Butterfly Brushes

  • vintage butterfly brushes2

25 Light Grunge Photoshop Brushes

  • 25 light grunge photoshop brushes

Vintage Ephemera Photoshop brushes

  • vintage ephemera photoshop brushes1

Vintage people brushes

  • vintage people brushes1

Retro Vintage Photoshop Brushes

  • retro vintage photoshop brushes

90 Watercolor Brushes

  • 90 watercolor brushes2

Assorted Vintage Brushes 2

  • assorted vintage brushes 2

30 Grunge Wall Photoshop Brushes

  • 30 grunge wall photoshop brushes

Art Deco Signs and Ornaments Brushes

  • art deco signs and ornaments brushes

Lace Mix

  • lace mix

Vintage Grunge Brush

  • vintage grunge brush

Vintage Ads Brush

  • vintage ads brush

Vintage Post Card Photoshop Brushes

  • vintage post card photoshop brushes1

Vintage Brush Kit

  • vintage brush kit

50 Photoshop Crack Grunge

  • 50 photoshop crack grunge

Free RC Cola Brushes

  • free rc cola brushes

Vintage Hand

  • vintage hand

Vintage Type & Ornament Brush Set

  • vintage type ornament brush set

Free A&W Brushes

  • free aw brushes

Vintage Pattern Girls Brush

  • vintage pattern girls brush1

17 Grunge Brushes

  • 17 grunge brushes


  • artink

Vintage Brushes

  • vintage brushes11

Vintage Dragonfly Brushes

  • vintage dragonfly brushes

Vintage Floral Ornaments

  • vintage floral ornaments

Vintage Grunge Ornaments

  • vintage grunge ornaments

Vintage Print Ads Brush

  • vintage print ads brush

Ornament Art Part 3

  • ornament art part 3

Vintage Moths PS Brushes

  • vintage moths ps brushes

Vintage Brushes

  • vintage brushes22

Vintage Easter

  • vintage easter

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