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Bokeh is the result that you can see on the out of focus areas of a photograph. It may vary on the camera’s lenses and different conditions on how a bokeh looks like. A bokeh effect can actually be intended or not. It varies on the visual aesthetic of the photographer and the photography result that he or she wants to get for a specific image capture.

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It may be hard to get a bokeh effect if you are using a camera that does not have special lenses or you are currently not on specific location conditions that can provide a great bokeh effect. If you think that you have an image that would look good if bokeh is applied to it, then you can actually use our bokeh Photoshop Brushes. Our brushes contain different styles of bokeh on presets that you may adjust depending on how you want them to visually help your image be better.

Bokeh Effect Photoshop Brushes

bokeh effect brushes photoshopDownload

Bokeh Light Photoshop Brushes

bokeh light brushes photoshopDownload

Heart Bokeh Photoshop Brushes

heart bokeh brushes photoshopDownload

Bokeh Photoshop Brushes

bokeh photoshop brushesDownload

Vector Bokeh Photosop Brush

vector bokeh photosop brushDownload

Horizon Bokeh Brushes

horizon bokeh brushesDownload

A bokeh effect may be used for the following purposes:

  • They make a background more surreal, especially if lights are dimmed and there are sources of light in the surroundings. A few of these samples are cityscapes—an aerial view of the community that is associated with lights from houses and cars—a rave party, a beach with torches, and a garden with a lot of flying fireflies.
  • Bokeh effect can also be used to give focus to the photograph’s object. It can serve as a kind of an artistic blur where you can still see a bit of the background while directly looking at the clear object. It is usually used for photography sessions during sunset or sunrise as it gives an illusion that the bokeh is caused by the rays of the sun. It also looks greater on those times of the day.
  • Our bokeh brushes can also help you to change to mood of a specific photograph. Depending on how it is used, a photograph may look ethereal and more special through the use of a bokeh effect. It provides more connection to the emotions that a photograph portrays and it allows people to feel it more.

Aside from bokeh brushes, we have downloadable Bubble Brushes and Photoshop Art Brushes as well.

Abstract Bokeh Brushes

abstract bokeh brushesDownload

Hexagonal Bokeh Brush

hexagonal bokeh brushDownload

Bokeh Dots Brush

bokeh dots brushDownload

Bokeh Circle Brush

bokeh circle brushDownload

Colorful Bokeh Brushes

colorful bokeh brushesDownload

You may use our bokeh brushes in the following sample situations:

  • If the photograph that you have taken is originally blurry, you can add bokeh effects to create more visual substance to that specific image. It can help improve the overall look of the image even if its pixel qualities are the same.
  • If you want to get more creative, a bokeh effect would be highly recommended for images that you want to use for different purposes. They can add up to the character of a certain image and allows your artistic freedom to be used on varying conditions.
  • If you want to give focus on the subject that you have photographed, use our bokeh brushes to give that effect without going too overboard blurry that the image you have captured does not look real anymore.

Other Photoshop PSD Paint Brushes are available for download. Use them on any purposes that you may think of.

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