8+ Set of Abstract Photoshop Brushes


Adobe Photoshop is a common software program you can use to create different graphic artwork using photo manipulation and photo enhancing tools. Photoshop has been helping out graphic designers make creative designs with the different features the software program can give, as well as provide us with different brush sets and other presets to make attractive designs.

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Here, we share some set of abstract Photoshop brushes you can use to make unique designs without exerting too much effort. We also share a brief description for some Photoshop brushes and when you can use these types of brushes. You can also check out our website for more Photoshop brushes.

Photoshop Abstract Brushes

photoshop abstract brushes1Download

Abstract Brushes Strokes

abstract brushes strokesDownload

Abstract Sphere Brushes

abstract sphere brushesDownload

Abstract Line Brushes

abstract line brushesDownload

Abstract Photoshop Brush Examples

The main purpose for downloading and using Photoshop brush sets is to help you create intricate designs with ease and help you save the time from making such designs manually as well. Below are a few abstract brush examples you can use to enhance your designs fully:

  • Photoshop Abstract Brushes – These types of brushes are the most common brushes being used today which feature different abstract patterns you can use for creating effects in your artwork. You can commonly apply these types of brush patterns to create an abstract background as well.
  • Abstract Brushes Strokes – You can use these types of brush patterns to create inverted colored patterns you can use for your designs and to create Gothic backgrounds as well, or you can apply these brush patterns if you want to apply abstract patterns in dark, moody-themed designs.
  • Abstract Sphere Brushes – These types of brush patterns are commonly used in creating circular abstract patterned effects in your designs. They can also be used as decorations and borderlines for different pictures you may have as well.

You can also check out our website if you want to apply different kinds of grunge brushes as well to make edgier, darker, and more appealing designs.

Abstract Fractal Brushes

abstract fractal brushesDownload

Abstract Lighting Brushes Set

photoshop abstract brushesDownload

Abstract Grunge Brushes

abstract grunge brushes1Download

Abstract Floral Brushes

abstract floral brushesDownload

Abstract Watercolor Brushes

abstract watercolor brushesDownload

Why Do You Need Photoshop Brushes?

Photoshop brushes are important because you can collect the different brush sets for you to use on different projects you may want to do in the future. The brush sets will help save you time from making unique abstract designs manually as well. Photoshop brush sets are also important for you to create different kinds of artwork using different abstract brush patterns.

These Photoshop brush patterns will also help you create unique designs without exerting too much effort. Being able to create different patterns using the brush sets available will also give you a foundation to create more appealing designs. Photoshop brushes can also help designers apply appropriate abstract patterns, depending on what the theme will demand the designer to create. An advantage of being able to use different brush sets is being able to have complete control on how you want your patterns to appear on your artwork, or how visible they can be in your photos if you wish to add them as effects.

Our website offers different designs and templates which you can use to create your own designs as well as provide you with different brush sets to improve creativity in your artwork as well. You can also check out our website for more abstract art brushes you can use to make more creative designs.


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