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7+ Photoshop Rust Textures

We can safely argue that seeing a rusting metal is a bit disconcerting but strangely beautiful at the same time. Disconcerting because of the notion that it is decaying, but beautiful because it creates brilliant colors, patterns, and textures on the surface. As a counterpart to the glossy and shiny look, this contrast is part of what makes rust so attractive for artists to use in their design ideas.

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In graphic design, for example, designers use different tools with rustic elements to enhance and make their images more realistic. One of these tools is textures, which is a powerful technique to produce compelling and lifelike design projects. See our collection of rust textures that you can download and add to your Photoshop arsenal, along with a series of Photoshop brushes that are also available on the website.

Free Rust Texture


Concrete Rust Texture


Rust Spot Texture


Metal Rust Textures


How Rust Textures Should Function

Here are some tips and ways to ensure textures guide the user’s eye and emphasize the key elements instead of being the main focus.

  • You should maintain legibility. Avoid going overboard when using rust textures as a background for texts. Although it can be visually captivating, sacrificing legibility over texture is not a way to go if you don’t want your audience to turn away when visiting your site.
  • Make sure it serves a purpose. Using rust textures for aesthetic purposes may require some more thought before finalizing your design. If it doesn’t improve your design, take it out. Using rust textures for subtlety and nuance sounds like a better plan and a better way to go about it.
  • Consider what you are trying to achieve. It’s easy to get carried away when using textures, but you have to keep in mind the final effect that you want to achieve and make sure that your vision is perfectly executed. Dwelling too long in choosing the right texture will never get you done.
  • Never sacrifice quality for loading time. Using textures on your web pages can require some loading time especially when used as backgrounds or other larger elements. Yet, you don’t need to sacrifice the quality of your texture. Repeating texture patterns is a good way to save time.
  • Choose your textures logically. Make sure to choose textures that are relevant and logical to the subject of your design. Rust textures will make a lot of sense when used in websites for industrial companies or RPG games. It should help build identity rather than just looking good.

For more grungy and rustic Photoshop tools, see our compilation of metal brushes as well!

High Resolution Rust Photoshop Texture


High-Quality Rust Textures

Rust Paint Textures

How are Rust Textures Used

There are many ways on how rust textures are and some of them are discussed below.

  • To bring life to your designs. Using the image of the oxidation process of metallic elements infuses life and brings vividness, warmth, and beauty when implemented into your design.
  • To create experimental designs. Rust textures, used with other Photoshop elements, lets you create unique and even experimental graphic compositions, such as 3D-layered objects.
  • To gain visual interest. Textured graphics can be used in your designs to feature depth and detail, which creates a striking image and generate a lot of visual interest from the audience.
  • To make a bold statement. Using unconventional elements such as rust textures produces diversity in designs that gives a statement without the need of complicated compositions.

Don’t forget to take a look at our collection of grunge brushes available on the site!

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