995 Free Photoshop PSD Paint Brushes

Undoubtedly, Adobe Photoshop is one of the best photo editing software which can be used to make digital arts or designs that can easily printed. Photoshop comes with amazing tools called brushes which allow you to easily edit digital images. The brush is nothing but a painting tool which allows you apply color strokes to your photos. Photoshop comes with default number of brushes. You can also see WaterColor Splatter Brushes

paint photoshop brushes free

56 Watercolor & Paint Photoshop Brushes

watercolor paint photoshop brushes
This collection of 56 brushes is not only huge in size; it is also huge in variety. Get 56 high quality brushes to complete your collection of Photoshop tools. Get a resolution of up to 2500Px and always be edit-happy.

Swirly Swoosh Paint PS Brushes

swirly swoosh paint ps brushes
To add some really cool swirly styles to your designs or even create a new signature design style try our new collection of swirly swoosh paint brushes. These 15+ paint brushes promise a unique experience with colors on Photoshop.

Bundle 58 Paint Splashes Photoshop Brushes

bundle 58 paint splashes photoshop brushes
We guarantee that this collection is perfect to go with Photoshop 7 and newer versions. Download the 3 in 1 collection and get 58 high quality brushes that promise a resolution of up to 2500 Px.

16 Paint Splashes Photoshop Brushes

paint splashes photoshop brushes
These splash brushes are indeed compatible with Photoshop 7+. From a resolution of minimum 1600 to a maximum of 2500, you can expect these brushes to pour magic on your canvas.

Paint Rolls Photoshop Brush Set

paint rolls photoshop brush set
Have you always longed for the new paint roll effects but also with a touch of something more? The new collection of paint rolls are compatible with Photoshop7+ and offer a wide variety of added textures and patterns for your fun.

Download 153 Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

watercolor paint splatter photoshop brushes
You have seen large collections, but 153? It is simply humongous. The variety is outstanding and your collection will be truly complete with these high res brushes. Get up to 2500Px of resolution with the new 3 in 1 bundle for download.

27 Paint Smears & Smudges Photoshop Brushes

paint smears smudges photoshop brushes
Explore the new world of smears and smudges which make digital painting even more beautiful but with rigid definition and style. This collection is compatible with all versions of Adobe Photoshop after 6.

Paint Swipes Photoshop Brushes

paint swipes photoshop brushes
Have you always wanted to add swiping effect to your colorful background for a Van Gogh effect? Then do it with precision with our latest collection of Photoshop 7+ compatible swipes brushes.

Pencil Lead Photoshop Brush Set

pencil lead photoshop brush set
This is indeed something new and unique. Pick from your style of lines, width and intensity for recreating a pencil sketch on Photoshop or add a couple of fine lines to your already perfect photo. This brush set is versatile and compatible with all latest Photoshop versions.



55 Splatters, Smudges & Splashes Photoshop Brushes

splatters smudges splashes photoshop brushes

Spray Paint Photoshop Brushes

spray paint photoshop brushes

Ink Stains and Bleach Set

ink stains and bleach set

Texture Brushes 189266825

texture brushes

Hand Painted Circle Brush Set

hand painted circle brush set

Spray Paint Brushes Vol2

spray paint brushes vol

Brush PaintProBrush

brush paintprobrush

Star Brushe Set

star brushe set

Hand Painted Crosses Brush Set

hand painted crosses brush set

Spray Paint Brushes Vol 1

spray paint brushes vol

Splatters and Swirls brushes

splatters and swirls brushes


speedpainting brushes

Hand Painted Crosses Photoshop Paint Brushes

hand painted crosses photoshop brushes

Realistic Paint Brushe Set

realistic paint brushe set

Paint Trails brushes

paint trails brushes

Set of 16 Brushes Spray Paint Photoshop

set of 16 brushes spray paint photoshop

Paint Speckles 35 Photoshop Brushes

paint speckles 35 photoshop brushes
35 Paint Speckles Photoshop Brushes are available in a variety of color ranges to choose from. These brushes come in a set of 35 files out of which all the files are high resolution PSD files to choose from.

Handmade Brush Packs Set

handmade brush packs set

Paint Brushes for photoshop

paint brushes for photoshop

20 Paint Splashes Photoshop Brushes

0 paint splashes photoshop brushes

163 Wet Paint Strokes

wet paint strokes

Hand Painted Circles Photoshop Paint Brushes

hand painted circles photoshop brushes


splatter brushes 32355820

Real Oil Paint brushes splatters

real oil paint brushes splatters

Dry Paint Strokes Brushes Vol1

dry paint strokes brushes vol

Handmade Brush Pack

handmade brush pack

36 Paint-Stroke-Brushes

paint stroke brushes

Cracked Paint Multi-Pack

cracked paint multi pack

Clean Paint Splodges PS Brushes

clean paint splodges ps brushes

Paint Spot brushes

paint spot brushes

Paint Lines Brushes

paint lines brushes

Realistic Responsive Watercolor Brushes

realistic responsive watercolor brushes

Paint arrows

paint arrows

Paint Borders Brushes

paint borders

Spray Paint Brushes Set

spray paint brushes set

7 Brushey Paint Brushes

brushey paint brushes

Brush Lines Set

brush lines set

Paint Drops Brush Set

paint drops brush set

Photoshop Brush and Splats Brush Pack

photoshop brush and splats brush pack

Dry Brush Stroke

dry brush stroke

Big Paint Dabs

big paint dabs

Drippity Drop Photoshop Paint Brushes

drippity drop photoshop brushes

Brush PainterProBrush

brush painterprobrush

20 Paint Splatter Brushes

0 paint splatter brushes

Dripping Paint Photoshop Brushes

dripping paint photoshop brushes


paintbrush big pack


paint brushes pack

Abstract Paint By env1ro

abstract paint by env1ro


painted brushes

Big Squares

big squares

Swirly Swoosh Paint PS Brushes

swirly swoosh paint ps brushes

You can find numerous kinds of Photoshop paint brushes download that can be used to produce diverse arts. You can add effects like splashes, splatters, watercolor, etc to manipulate your photos. Once you start using a brush plug-in for your digital art project, you will end up experimenting with different kinds of best paint brushes to learn the different types of effects that can be added.

However, there are many brushes that can be installed to the Premium Photoshop paint brush functions like a real paint brush. When you use it, you will feel as if you are really using a paint brush by your hand. Just as you move your hand back and forth for the painting the subjecting evenly when you use a real paint brush, in the same way, Photoshop paint splatter brushes can be used in the same manner.

Good thing about the free paint brushes for Photoshop is that when you use a brush, effects are added as different layers. If you make a mistake while painting, you won’t end up ruining the original photo. You can simply delete the layer you don’t want and you can continue with your image editing process.