9+ Photoshop Halftone Brushes


Photoshop halftone brushes are used to create a design that smoothly transitions between two colors with the use of color gradient variations. One block of color suffices as a design material, but there are just times when you need to create  more striking visuals. There are a variety of Photoshop halftone brushes created with different methods of halftone applications.

We have curated a number of Photoshop halftone brushes to make it easier for you to download the brushes that you need in creating ombre-like designs. The usage of Photoshop brushes is very ideal nowadays as they can make complicated-looking designs done in an easy and hassle-free way.

Hi-Resolution Halftone Brushes

hi res halftone brushes Download

Grunge Halftone Brushes

grunge halftone brushes Download

Halftone Photoshop Brushes

halftone photoshop brushes Download

Free Halftone Vector Brushes

free halftone vector brushes Download

Halftone Splatter Brushes

halftone splatter brushes Download

Samples of Halftone Brushes

Color combinations can be done in different ways. Due to this, you have a lot of options to create the specific kind of halftone design that you would like to have. Halftone brushes can create a variety of halftone design appearances and a few of these are as follows:

  • Grunge halftone brushes are created by using the common grunge color combinations of black and other matte and dark colors. Halftone grunge designs are characterized by an imagery that can be supplied through the usage of different scratched characteristics and color applique designs. Use this specific kind of halftone brush in creating merchandises with grunge and Gothic themes.
  • Halftone vector brushes provide rough textured designs that leave vacant spaces in your design. These spaces act as the horizon where two colors can be applied smoothly. Halftone vector brushes are very applicable in creating document designs whether for your portfolio or any other school project that you need to pass.

If you want to create a more interesting halftone pattern, you can use a combination of a variety of polka dot brushes and associate them with the colors that you would like to blend together.

Halftone Dot Brushes

halftone dot brushes Download

Halftone II Photoshop Brushes

halftone ii photoshop brushes Download

Halftone Square Brushes

halftone square brushes Download

3D Halftone Brushes

3d halftone brushes Download

Halftone Circle Brushes

halftone circle brushes Download

Usages of Photoshop Halftone Brushes

Your creativity in using Photoshop halftone brushes will allow you to create halftone designs that are truly exemplary and captivating. Some of the usages of Photoshop halftone brushes that can be beneficial for your art projects are as follows:

  • Photoshop halftone brushes can be used in creating digital artwork. Same with grunge brushes, Photoshop halftone brushes can create appealing and textured strokes that are great when combined with other elements. The usage of halftone brushes in making artworks will make it easier for you to design your room in a minimalist manner.
  • If you will be discussing a subject topic with a PowerPoint presentation, you can use Photoshop halftone brushes to create the background of your presentation. This will make your slides more interesting so you can keep the attention of your viewers.
  • Photoshop halftone brushes can also be used to beautify the materials needed in events. The event organizers from different companies can provide instructions to the graphic artists to use different kinds of halftone brushes in creating different materials needed to make a more interesting event.

There are still other ways that Photoshop halftone brushes can be used. Do not restrict yourself in a specific design creation method so you can fully maximize the design potential that Photoshop halftone brushes offer.

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