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Feathers serve as the outer covering of birds. The feathers of birds are really complex and their structure depend on the protein keratin formation that may vary depending on the type of bird.

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We have a variety of feather Photoshop brushes that you may use for different purposes. As different birds have different kinds of feathers, our feather brushes also have different styles and characteristics of their own. This is for you to be able to use them on a variety of purposes.

There are a lot of reasons why the feather of birds are used for design purposes. Make sure to know what your design purpose is first so that you will know the applicable feather brush to use.

Bird Feather Brushes

bird feather brushes Download

Peacock Feather Brushes

peacock feather brushes1 Download

White Feather Brushes

white feather brushes Download

Photoshop Feather Brushes

feather photoshop brushes Download

Since feathers are associated with softness and weightlessness, they are commonly used as an aesthetic addition for purposes that also exude those characteristics. A few of these purposes are as follows:

  • You can typically see feather designs on events and occasions that are intended for a new born. This can be because of the association of storks in carrying babies to the homes of their parents based on a German folklore. Also, babies look so fluffy and light in terms of weight.
  • Feathers are also common design features for debuts. Whether it is a masquerade party or a princess themed event, it is very common for girls celebrating their birthdays to use feathers as one of the main designs of the party that is intended for them. Maybe it is because of the reason that they want to show their soft side to the attendees of the event.
  • Feathers are also used for printed materials that may be used for souvenirs on different occasions. Of course, the event must include feathers on its theme so that it may be used as a souvenir design.

Our feather brushes can give you design materials once you have already downloaded and printed them. They can be of great help especially to the above mentioned purposes. Aside from our feather brushes, we also have wings brushes .

Black and White Feather Brushes

black and white feather brushes Download

Feather Angel Wings Brushes

feather angel wings brushes Download

Photoshop Realistic Feather Brushes

photoshop realistic feather brushes Download

Falling Feather Brushes

falling feather brushes Download

One factor to consider when using a specific feather brush is the size of material that you need. Some feather look good when they are printed in smaller portions why there are feathers that has characteristics that are better shown when they are big. Knowing the function of the feathers and how it will ad up to the design that you want to achieve will help you select the proper feather brush to use.

Also, know that feather brushes can be used not only as the main design focus but also as a background. You may use our feather brushes to create certain patterns that will match the information that you want to show to people. They can give a soft aesthetic to whatever you plan to do while still showcasing the main information properly.

There are unlimited ways on how you can use the available feather brushes that we offer. Just make sure to use them appropriately and you are on your way in making your design more beautiful.

You may also download our bird brushes should you be needing them other than our feather brushes.

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