8+ Splash Brushes


Splash brushes are the design tools that can create different splash images by using a particular editing brush with features different from the other brushes available in the selection panel. The splash design that these brushes create are all inspired from different real life splash sources which make the thickness and formation of the splashes vary from time to time.

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We can provide you with downloadable samples of splash brushes if you want to use them as an additional design to provide color and life to the document or material that you are currently working on. Moreover, we also have other samples and templates of Photoshop brushes, which you may be interested to use depending on the pattern that they can produce and its relativity to the project that you are creating.

Water Splash Brushes

splash brushesDownload

Paint Splash Brushes

paint splash brushesDownload

Photoshop Splash Brushes

photoshop splash brushesDownload

Watercolor Splash Brushes

watercolor splash brushesDownload

Splash Grunge Brushes

splash grunge brushesDownload

Kinds of Splash Brushes

There are many liquid sources that can create splashes, depending on the force applied to their release, the material used to contain them for a short period of time, and their impact to the surface. These factors can provide a different kind of splash output, which is evident in the variations of the splash brushes that we have for you.

A few kinds of splash brushes that can provide different design results are as follows:

  • Paint splashes are usually used if you want to have a variation of thickness in the splashes that you will use as a design material. Paint can dry fast, and paint splashes or splats are usually not equally distributed due to this manner of application.
  • Watercolor splashes are softer compared to paint and they usually look like colored water blots.
  • Splash grunge are hard strokes of splashes used for the purpose of providing a strong and bold visual impact.
  • Ink splashes are relatively thin compared to other splashes as their main container are usually pens, ink tubes and other sleek materials, and tools used for writing and drawing.
  • Splatters are very common as a design material for food shops, and other food-related projects because these kinds of splashes usually come from coffee spills and other beverages that are offered in a food establishment.
  • Water splash brushes are used in campaign ads and marketing projects where there is a need to visually reflect and interpret freshness, purity, and/or appreciation to natural resources. Aside from our splash brushes, you may also be interested to browse through our downloadable samples of water splash brushes if you want to make use of this particular kind of a splash brush.

Splash Ink Brushes

splash ink brushesDownload

Splash Art Brushes

splash art brushesDownload

Splatter and Splash Brushes

splatter and splash brushesDownload

Color Photoshop Splash Brushes

color ps splash brushesDownload

Suggestions for Using Splash Brushes

If you will use splash brushes in creating the overall design of a project or a material, here are a few suggestions that you may follow:

  • Use appropriate color combinations if you will use multiple splashes. Splashes are already messy in nature so you need to make sure that the document will still look coordinated by selecting the correct color combination that will make everything look cohesive.
  • The formation where the splashes will be designed or displayed is also essential. The spaces provided in between different splashes can create a well-organized look even with the unfinished texture features and varying drips of splashes.
  • The thickness of splashes should also be considered as a few of them may be too visually heavy, which can command more attention compared to the main focus of the design that you should highlight.
  • The design that you want to achieve is greatly affected by splashes. Makes sure to know the nature of the splash that you want to incorporate and the overall appearance of the document depending on the addition of the splash design.

Aside from our samples of splash brushes, we also have templates of different paint brushes that you may view and download.

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