5+ Photoshop Candle Brushes


Photoshop candle brushes are used to create different kinds of candle designs that can be used in a variety of purposes. There are many ways that a candle may be incorporated in a design to create either a specific effect or a desired theme.

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We have collected different kinds of Photoshop candle brushes that you may use in various design creations. Each of them have different characteristics that may be applicable in the material where you want to place any of them. Other than our downloadable samples of Photoshop candle brushes, you may also want to browse through our other samples of Photoshop brushes.

Birthday Candle Brushes

birthday candle brushesDownload

Candle Flame Brushes

candle flame brushesDownload

Candle Light Brushes

candle light brushesDownload

Kinds of Photoshop Candle Brushes

As said, there are a variety of Photoshop candle brushes. A few samples of this particular kind of Photoshop brush are as follows:

  • Birthday candle brushes are used to reflect candles that are used in birthday celebrations may it be the candle that is placed in a birthday cake or the candles that may be used as design items in the location of the birthday celebration.
  • Candle flame brushes are used to create various flame effects that are usually seen in candles that are placed in a dark area. Different flame designs can be created by adjusting the presets of this specific Photoshop candle brush.
  • Candle light brushes make use of washed out candle designs to create a mood of solitude, peace, and silence.
  • Candle Photoshop brushes set is a collection of different kinds of candles that are put together to create a specific aesthetic that may be applied as a design to materials where they will look good as additional items.
  • Vector candle brushes are Photoshop brushes that make use of candle wax as a background of the designs that can be seen in the brush selection.
  • Candle holder Photoshop brushes are used o create candle holder designs that can accentuate the candles that you will use by applying any of the above mentioned candle brushes.

You may use these candle Photoshop brushes individually or you may mix any of them together to create a more complex and detailed design. Aside from our samples of Photoshop candle brushes, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples of birthday brushes.

Candle Photoshop Brushes Set

candle photoshop brushes setDownload

Vector Candle Brushes

vector candle brushesDownload

Candle Holder Photoshop Brushes

candle holder photoshop brushesDownload

Usage of Photoshop Candle Brushes

A few instances where you can use Photoshop candle brushes are as follows:

  • You can use Photoshop candle brushes to create designs of birthday party materials like invitations, banners, and greeting cards.
  • A Photoshop candle brush may also be used to design creepy and scary items that will be used for Halloween parties and related celebrations.
  • If you want, you can use a Photoshop candle brush as the focus of an art material that you will display as an interior decoration.
  • Photoshop candle brushes can also be used to design labels and other documents that need additional design items to make them unique and more interesting to look at

The usage of Photoshop candle brushes depends on the kind of design that specific candle brushes exude and the purpose of usage that you want them to serve you.

Other than our samples of Photoshop candle brushes, our samples of light brushes are also available for download. You may want to browse through them if you want to use any light designs in the material, document, or project that you are currently working on.

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