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8+ High-Res Photoshop Dust Brushes

Quality photoshop brushes are probably the best thing to happen to the world of digital painting. If you’ve done any digital painting yourself, you already know that in the most widely used drawing software out there (such as Photoshop, Corel, and PaintTool SAI), brushes come in presets that lend you certain cool effects, anything from splatters to bullet holes to stardust and stylistic cirrus clouds. In this collection of ABR downloads, we focus on the effect of dust particles. This covers everything from glowing fairy dust to sand and regular dust.

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Whether you are looking for something specific or you are just looking to expand your collection of custom Photoshop brushes, you have come to the right place.

Glowing Dust Brushes


Dust Particle Brushes

Fairy Dust Brushes

Sand Dust Brushes


Dust & Particles Brushes

Using Dust Brushes

Dust particles are one of those staple features in impressive, jaw-dropping realistic digital art that aren’t easy to create on your own. That’s where these brush presets come in to lend you a pro hand.

What do you need?

Looking for dust cloud brushes is like looking for cloud brushes: there are different kinds of clouds at different levels of the atmosphere, and so every good cloud brush set should accommodate all types.

Similarly, we’ve assembled a host of different brush settings for “dust clouds” to help you grow your palette.

  • Glowing Dust Brushes. Perfect for any kind of setting with a lot of sparkles flying around. Think fairies or cute anime fantasy lands. If you’re creative enough, this can serve even the most serious setups.
    • Also see the Fairy Dust Brushes and Star Dust Brushes set for more fun, glam alternatives.
  • Dust Particle Brushes and Sand Dust Brushes. You can’t claim to have a complete set of useful Photoshop brushes without good dust particle brushes. It instantly awakens that dramatic storytelling effect.
    • Sand Dust Scatter Brushes can also bring your action scenes and car chases to life if used right.
  • Dusty Photoshop Brushes are the way to go for a softer, less grainy look to your dust clouds. Use to evoke a sense of barren wasteland, or some abyss of doom.
    • Speaking of doom, you will love the Cloud Dust Brushes if you routinely make art in the serious, high-fantasy drama genre.
  • Grunge Dust Brushes are an interesting bonus if you’re looking for a stylistic hi-res gritty effect.

Dusty Photoshop Brushes

Sand Dust Scatter Brushes


Grunge Dust Brushes


Star Dust Brushes


Cloud Dust Brushes


Find More Digital Art Tools on

Custom-designed Photoshop brushes are one of those tools you can’t download once and be satisfied with throughout your artistic career. Technically, you could limit yourself to one default preset if you’re not doing anything particularly ambitious with your art. But for you other digital artists, you’re going to want all the free help and downloads you can get. can be your one stop for all your digital art and design needs.

Whether you need brick wall textures or smoke brushes for a realistic, nitty-gritty urban mystery you’re working on, or rainbows and sparkles for quite another genre of universe, we’ve got you covered for all kinds of free and almost-free downloads (may come with owner license restrictions; be sure to check).

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