9+ Lips Brushes


Seal your artwork or letters with a kiss with our unique lip brushes. Choose from glossy to matte lip brushes for your lipstick brand or lip artwork. There are different lip shapes that need the right strokes of lip color. Our ideal Photoshop brushes will help you get your desired lip look and make your artwork seamless.

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Attract your audience with a beautiful smile and sassy look with our set of realistic to vector brushes. Take your pick from lips with teeth showing to glittery and colorful lip shades. Choose from thin to plump lips ad highlight a modern and feminine appearance.

35 Cool Lip Real Brushes

35 cool lip real brushes

Free Photoshop Lips Brushes

free photoshop lips brushes

Kisses & Lips Brushes

kisses lips brushes

Seamless Lips Brushes

seamless lips brushes

Smiley Lips Photoshop Brushes

smily lips photoshop brushes

Make your girl magazine cover pop with our wide selection of Photoshop Hair Texture Brushes and Eye and Eyelash Photoshop Brushes that will give depth to eyes and hair color in your projects or illustrations. These brushes would also be perfect for female photographs to stand out in the background.

Here are some brushes we found that is suitable for drawing hair:

  • Hard round brush. Paint with the basics. This hard round brush will color in the hair and prevent brush transitions from being too rough.
  • Blending repair brush. Make a smooth transition and blend in your basic hair color with hair highlights of your choice.
  • Rotating brush. Soften up edges with this remarkable tool that lets you paint hair strands. It’s a perfect touch up to hair strands that are out of place.
  • Triple dot brush. With the use of the acrylic brush option, you can use the triple dot brush and hair strands to strike a voluminous texture on hair.
  • Airbrush. The airbrush has distinctive strokes that allows you to experiment on shading.
  • Spatter brush. To create a cool pattern of hair, you can use this tool for braided hair as it automatically creates another layer of hair in a low opacity setting.
  • Slim brush. You can use this brush for fancy details on hair.

Free Download Photoshop Brushes

free download photoshop brushes

Lip Gloss PSD Brushes

lip gloss psd brushes

Lips and Mustaches Photoshop Brushes

lips and mustaches photoshop brushes

Lips Brushes in GIMP

lips and gimp brushes

Creative Bokeh Transparent Lips Brushes

creative bokeh transparent lips brushes

Drawing Lips

There are also different lip shapes that need to be paired with the right color so your lip artwork will look flawless. Follow these amazing tips in choosing the right shade for the right lip shapes:

Uneven Lips

Match those uneven lips by outlining the upper lip and making sure the sides match. Then move to the lower lip and do the same. Use the blending brush to slightly smudge the line with the lip color you are applying.

Heavy Top Lips

Most Indian women possess heavy top lips. Heavy top lips need to be lined with the brush from the center then following the natural lip shape. As soon as it’s done, bright-colored lipstick should be applied on the bottom lip and a slightly darker tone at the top lip to create a smaller lip appearance.

Flat Lips

Flat lips need more emphasis and depth by outlining both upper and lower lips with softer lip colors like pink blush as darker colors make flat lips look even smaller.

Heavy Bottom Lips

Heavy bottom lips are simply attractive! You can enhance this type of lip by using the same lip color on the bottom and top lip then applying a pencil stroke on the center of the upper lip to make the lips balanced.

Now that you’ve discovered these tips, it’s time for you to explore our Photoshop art brushes that are suitable for eye, hair, and lip details. Get started on painting your portraits with our artistic brushes.

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