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9+ Texture Brushes

Texture plays a vital role in creating the overall design of a material where it will be placed. There are various textures that can be applied in specific documents and items which may vary depending on the creation of the texture, the items that were used to build the texture, and the surfaces where the specific texture is usually seen.

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We can provide you with samples of texture brushes that you may use as additional designs to any document that you are working on. More so, you may also want to browse through our downloadable samples of other Photoshop Brushes.

Skin Texture Brushes

Grunge Texture Brushes


Hair Texture Photoshop Brushes

Texture Photoshop Brushes


Kinds of Texture Brushes

A few samples of the texture brushes we offer are as follows:

  • Skin texture brushes are the brushes that are used to create a more appealing skin texture to any face photographs or any other captures of people where any parts of their body is exposed. It is used to make the skin texture of the people in the photograph look clearer, softer and more beautiful.
  • Grunge texture brushes are applied in materials and documents where the vintage feel is needed to be executed. Grunge texture brushes are characterized by dark colors, line scratches and shadow plays.
  • Hair texture Photoshop brushes are used to fix various materials with hair textures. It also allows hair of people in a photograph to look shinier and healthier. Hair texture Photoshop brushes can be used for fixing eye brows, hair strands, and lashes as well.
  • Texture Photoshop brushes consist of a collection of different textures that are characterized by cracks, roughness, and high saturation.
  • Wood texture Photoshop brushes contain different samples of wood textures that can be applied in materials that are either eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable, and made of natural products. It can also be applied in items that are nature-themed or those that contain contents that are related to championing various means of taking care of the environment.
  • Texture paint brushes is mainly visualized as a combination of paint strokes using brushes with varying thickness, colors, weight and opacity.
  • Animal texture brushes contain a variety of animal textures that characterize different animal skins which can be used as design inspirations for fashion houses and merchandise establishments.

Other than our samples of texture brushes, our samples of Swirl Brushes and Ink Brushes are also available for download.

Wood Texture Photoshop Brushes


Texture Paint Brushes


Animal Texture Brushes


Art Texture Brushes


Concrete Texture Brushes


When and Where to Use Texture Brushes

A few samples of the usages of texture brushes include the following:

  • Texture brushes may be used as wallpapers in presentations. Different slides can make use of different textures that are from the same texture group. More so, a similar texture may be used in all the slides of a presentation to create cohesion.
  • Texture brushes can also beautify different projects, assignments, and other documents.
  • Art projects can use texture brushes to create a more interesting medium so the output material will be more appealing to the people who will look at it.
  • Texture brushes may also be used as backgrounds of invitations and other paper documents that will be used in various purposes.

There are still a lot of other kinds of texture brushes. Also, there are many ways that you can make use of them depending on the design that they can add to the material where you will use them. The proper selection of texture brushes that are appropriate to be used in a specific project can make all the difference in the output that you will have. Aside from our samples of texture brushes, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples of Paint Brushes.

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