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A brush is an act or instance of brushing or the application of a brush, using a light, stroking touch. The word itself is so broad and can be used in different ways, but we are mainly talking about brushes in the sense of art. Doodle, on the other hand, is an act of drawing or scribbling idly.

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Thus, we created a page collaborating these two. We’ve gathered unique and cute doodle brushes perfect for those art enthusiasts and those who love to doodle and brushes at the same time. This is perfect for you. If you are looking for other brush designs, try our website’s offering of Photoshop brushes.

Pencil Doodle Brushes

pencil doodle brushes 788x749

Blots Doodle Brush

blots doodle brush

Pen Doodle Brushes

photoshop doodle brushes


Photoshop Doodle Brushes  

photoshop doodle brushes 1

Vector Doodle Brush Collection

vector doodle brush collection

Doodle Birds Photoshop Brushes

doodle birds photoshop brushes


Chalk Doodle Brushes

chalk doodle brushesDownload

Arrow Doodle Brushes

arrow doodle brushesDownload

Heart Doodle Brushes

heart doodle brushesDownload

Hand Drawn Doodle Brushes

hand drawn doodle brushesDownload

An Earnest Form of Art

Art can be expressed in so many ways, whether it is through music, acting, drawing, and so on. It has a vast range of meaning as well. Doodling is an act of making sketches or drawing in an inattentive manner. It is like you are drawing with your mind floating in the middle of nowhere. You do not have a concrete object of interest. You draw whatever it is you have in mind.

Kids are a great example of the best doodlers. They will just sketch whatever it is they love to sketch—a rough drawing of a house with a family in it, butterfly, animals, mountains, anything! Humans too love to doodle. When we are bored, we tend to make small drawings on a pad. We find them cute and sometimes therapeutic.

We can make hilarious and cute doodles at the same time, and we can turn it to anything we want. We could even draw doodles of our friends eating oversized apples or driving a clown car or draw caricatures of famous characters. This type of drawing surely catches attention to viewers, children of all ages. And your doodles could be colorful too!

Interested in a Photoshop? You can check our wide selection of Photoshop art brushes for more.

Doodle Bubbles PS Brushes

doodle frames ps brushesDownload

Doodle Art Brushes

doodle art brushesDownload

Wedding Doodle Brushes

wedding doodle brushesDownload

Doodle Swirl Brushes

doodle swirl brushesDownload

Floral Doodle Brushes

floral doodle brushes

Apart from containing lively colors, it also has different styles and forms. If you love to doodle or love to look at doodles, we are pretty sure you will love our selection of 9 doodle brushes.

These are ideal or a perfect inspiration if you want to repaint your room; make these as one of your room wallpaper design; or can be used as a mobile, PC, or laptop wallpaper; a T-shirt print; notebook or book cover; a website design; a poster or tarpaulin background; and a lot more aside from just sitting in your brush packs in your photo-editing software. Depending on your preference, you can make use of these in any way that you like.

The best thing about these selections? Each comes in a high modifiable manner, that means you can combine two or more brush packs together to suit your preferences or needs. Each also comes with cute and artsy details, with light color, and something that is easy to manipulate.

Looking for more traditional brush packs for your ever-growing collection? Check out our website’s offering of hand drawn photoshop brushes for more traditional and simple packs.

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