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7+ Photoshop Smiley Brushes

Using and learning to use Photoshop brushes can be a fun thing to do when you want to create artistic designs for entertainment or business purposes. Photoshop brushes are being provided by photo-editing websites and our site as well to help you search for more brush sets and tools to use in making creative designs.

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Here, we share some smiley brushes to help you decorate your artwork. These smiley brushes come in basic to advanced smiley designs for you to create your artwork We also share users who commonly use these types of brushes. You can also check our website for more sets of Photoshop brushes to add to your ever-growing collection.

Smiley Face Brushes

Free Smiley Brushes


Photoshop Smiley Brushes

Smiley Sun Brushes


Different Smiley Brushes

The common use of downloading a smiley brush or brush sets is to help users make smiley border lines and decorations in their artwork. Smiley brush patterns can also be used as overlays to give more effect and appeal to your designs. Some smiley objects that are commonly provided in brush sets include:

  • Smiley Face and Object Brush Sets. Some brush sets provide you with common face smileys to place in your designs. These smileys consist of simple sketched faces or objects to decorate your artwork.
  • Basic Smiley Brush Sets. These brush sets consist of basic hand-drawn faces like what a child would make. These are commonly used in simple children themed artwork.
  • Animated Smiley Brush Sets. These consists more complicated drawn smiley faces that are commonly used as borderlines and overlays to decorate your designs. These are meant to decorate more creative blogs or pictures.
  • Abstract Smiley Brush Sets. These brush sets contain abstract shapes or objects with smileys in them, and these are also commonly used as borderlines and overlays to decorate your work.

You can also check our website if you want to download lips brushes, which you can use to create kiss and lip effects in your designs. You can also use them as overlays and borderlines to decorate your work.

Smiley Doodle Brush Set


Cartoon Smiley Brushes

High-Quality Smiley Brushes


Who Commonly Uses Face Smiley Brushes?

You can use smiley brushes for many purposes, but there are also people who use a smiley brush set on a daily basis. These smiley brush sets may be used for artistic and business purposes as well. Here are some individuals who use these types of brush tools or sets:

  • Graphic designers. Graphic designers commonly apply smiley faces in their designs. They add these to make birthday posters and business outing banners.
  • Teachers. Teachers who know how to use graphic-editing software also incorporate smileys in their pictures for visual presentation purposes. Other teachers try to add more decorations in their pictures to add more appeal.
  • Teens. Teens commonly add smiley faces when editing their pictures as decorations. Others also use smiley brush tools and sets to add smileys in their artwork for fun.

The thing about using smiley face brush tools is anyone can use them. It’s a very flexible design tool which you can use to make creative and fun designs for your viewers. These types of brush tools are also available from our website for you to access easily.

If you want to apply abstract shapes in your designs, you can check our website for some abstract brushes.

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