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10+ Valentine’s Day Brushes

Feeling creative this Valentine’s Day? There are Photoshop brushes for everything and for every occasion, and these can be especially handy when you’re at a loss for words and ideas to express your deepest emotions. Just check out this collection for some great ideas to make this Valentine’s Day 2017 an even more special one. With these brushes featuring hearts, candy, flowers and letters, you’ll find you can say a lot with pictures.

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So while there’s still time to plan for the special day, quit fretting and download these brushes now as free ABR (Photoshop brush) files to make your own personalized gifts and cards.

Free Valentine’s Day Brushes

Valentine’s Day Love Brushes


High-Resolution Valentine’s Day Theme Brushes


Valentine’s Day Brushes Set Free Download


Valentine’s Day Brushes Vector

Valentine’s Day Paint Brushes


Express Your Feelings With These Romantic Touches

A personalized gift is always more precious and says a lot more than something store-bought. Using these Valentine’s-themed brushes, you can easily create the perfect touch for your digital card designs.

The dominant colors of these brushes range from cutesy pink to passionate red and sensual burgundy, and there are even creative blue hues in there. As ABR files and some as vectors, you can change the size, color hue and saturation, and transparency for more interesting effects. All you need is an imaging or digital painting software such as Photoshop (anything from CS5 to CC 17 is recommended) or similar. Corel Painter 16 and up can import Photoshop brushes and vectors.

Each of these brush sets offer sticker-like designs that are beautiful and standalone in themselves. Use them to design a backdrop for your card, or frame your loved one’s portrait with them. You’re the artist here.

But It’s Not Valentine’s Day

So? Love is a timeless concept, and these brushes are not limited to Valentine’s Day. Because many of them merely feature hearts, they would make effective wedding brushes, anniversary greeting cards, or even birthday and well-wishes products. Every one of your unique loved ones deserve something custom-made for them. Take a look through these free downloads to see how you can creatively express your love and appreciation.

Surprise someone today with your work and see how much these little things matter in the long run.

Valentine’s Day Floral Brushes


Happy Valentine’s Day Brushes


Valentine’s Day Heart Brushes

Valentine’s Day Retro Style Brushes


Valentine’s Day Clip Art Brushes

Notes on How to Use These Brushes

  • Scope of use. Don’t let your imagination get ahead of you – run with it. Again, since the symbols and designs of these brushes are not limited to Valentine’s Day, feel free to use them whenever the love hits you throughout the year. Special occasions as mentioned before are good, but so are special everyday moments. Why not design photo frames with these vectors? No one said it had to only be gifted to other people. You deserve some love too.
  • Licensing. Many of these heart brushes were creatively designed and generously provided free of charge from the digital artists on and other sites. Many of the brushes are even license-free, so you can use them for commercial projects – but not all of them. Make sure you check the product specifications and terms of use before using them in for-profit projects.

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