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24+ Best Free Distress Photoshop Brushes for Download

Today, most of the patterns, designs, templates and textures are made using Adobe Photoshop software. Even many brochures, flyers and posters are made in Adobe Photoshop software. When using Adobe Photoshop software, a Photoshop artist needs different types of brush presets besides the ones that can be found already available in the software. Distress Photoshop brushes come as a big help to Photoshop users and Photoshop artists. You may also see Brushes for Photoshop. There are lot of options for design strokes that an artist can trust without fearing that they’d be doing the same as hundreds and thousands of other designers are distress made for Photoshop. Among the most conventional and no-frills of these brushes are spills and splatters brushes that allow artists to throw puddles of paint at their arts..

Photoshop Cracked Ink Distress Brushes

photoshop cracked ink distress brushes
Photoshop cracked distressed brushes come with a resolution of 3000 PX x 2400 PX and 300 PPI. They also come as vintage quality Photoshop brushes. They have grungy effect on the image used.

Distressed Grunge Pack

distressed grunge pack

Distressed Photoshop Brushes

distressed photoshop brushes
These distressed Photoshop brushes come in black and white color and can also be used as textures. They can be used to make spots and scratches in a Photoshop project.

Photoshop Crack Grunge Distress Brushes

photoshop crack grunge distress brushes
Distressed grunge Photoshop brushes have a grungy quality and leave a grunge effect on the image or project on which they are used. They can be used to make grunge textures.

Texture Photoshop Brush

untitled 2 copy

Distressed Wood PS Brushes

distressed wood ps brushes
Distressed wood Photoshop brushes can be used to make wood patterns and designs. They are often used to make wood templates and wood textures for making house wallpapers and 3D models.

Photoshop Scratch Brushes

scratch brushes
Photoshop distressed scratch brushes are a set of Photoshop brushes that can be used to make effects on a Photoshop image or Photoshop made texture. They come in high quality.

Distressed Flower Brushes

distressed flower brushes
Distressed flower Photoshop brushes come as a set of Photoshop brushes with a variety of flower patterns and designs. They are highly used to make flower templates for fashion designers.

Distressed Border Brushes

distressed border brushes
Distressed border Photoshop brushes come in high quality and with several border designs, each design different from the other in thickness. They can be used to make different sorts of borders.

Photoshop Lite Distress Texture Brushes

photoshop lite distress texture brushes
Photoshop lite distressed brushes are a set of lite brushes with different patterns and forms. They are very helpful in making textures with a lot of grunge applied on them.

Distressed Paper Photoshop

distressed paper photoshop
The distressed paper Photoshop brushes come as a set of Photoshop brushes that can be used to make dirty, clean, old, scratchy, torn as well as brand new paper patterns.

Grunge Crack Brushes

grunge brushes
Grunge crack distressed Photoshop brushes are very unique in their style and use. They serve as a very big help to make wall textures with grunge and cracks on them.

Cracks and Scratches Grunge Brush

cracks and scratches grunge brush

Grunge Border Photoshop Brushes

grunge border photoshop brushes

Distressed Brush Set

distressed brush set

Distressed Brush Set for Phototshop

distressed brush set for phototshop

Distressed Number Brushes

distressed numbers brushes

Distressed Halftone Brush

distressed halftone brush strokes

Distressed Brushes for Photoshop

distressed brushes for photoshop

Distressed Christmas Brushes

distressed christmas brushes

Distressed Photoshop Leaves

distressed leaves

Inked Edge Photoshop Brushes

inked edge photoshop brushes

Distressed Wallpaper Brushes

distressed wallpaper brushes

Splatter Photoshop Brushes

splatter photoshop brushes

Distressed Photoshop Brushes

distressed brushes

Using distressed Photoshop brushes, texture artists can add depth to their textures and make them look more realistic and amazing. They serve as a big asset for many template and poster designers.

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